10 questions you need to answer to be successful in life

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For we to live a more enriched and fulfilled life, there are some essential questions we must constantly ask ourselves. Our answers to these questions are essential for our success in life.

Giving a sincere and objective answers to these questions would make us aspire for something deeper and more meaningful in life.

Here are some carefully selected questions that you should constantly ask yourself in order to live a more happy life.

1. What is my purpose in life?

We are all created for a purpose here on earth. The purpose in which you were created to fulfill is unique to you. Implying that no one can achieve it except you. One of the greatest discovery is to understand the purpose you are here on earth.

The best way to answer such question is to ask yourself “after am no more on earth, what should people remember me for”? ” What legacy would you love to leave behind for future generations .

If you fail to discover and live your purpose, then you’ve created a void in creation and such experience would hunt you for the rest of your life.

2. What do I really want?

This is an important question you must answer if you must live an impactful life. On daily basis , many things tends to attract your attention .

If you don’t know what exactly you want, it implies that you would be moving like a sheep without shepherd.

Imagine going to an eatery and you were asked what you want? And you said that you want food. Do you you think you would leave such eatery with such desire? Definely not.

In as much as there are different kinds of food that are being sold and you are expected to make a choice. So also it is in the game of life.

If you must advance in life, you have to give a specific and clear description of exactly what you want in life.

3. What should I really change?

I was once listening to an audio , and the speaker made a spectacular statement that has helped to reshape my thinking about things in my life. He said that , “if your life must change, you must change things in your life”.

The greatest level of insanity in life is to keep doing things the same way and expect different result. If you want to enjoy what you’ve not enjoyed in the past , then you must also do what you have not done in the past.

Also, if you want any extraordinary achievement in your life, you must be willing to do something extraordinary.

4. What’s the bright side in all of this?

With so much happening around us there seem to be no room for even considering that light is always at the end of the tunnel.

When faced negative situations and circumstances, discipline yourself to focus on the positive outcomes. Learn to expect the best from every circumstances and believe that everything would always work for your good.

5. What do I have to learn ?

In some previous posts, I did state why we should never see failure as something evil. Rather it should be seen as a blessing in disguise.

Whenever we encounter failure, we should have two things in mind. Firstly, there is something that needs to be done better. Secondl , it’s an opportunity to learn something new.

We truly fail , when we were unable to learn from every challenge we face. Therefore , always ask yourself, “what do I need to learn from this situation? Having such a mindset would make you view failure from a different perspectives.

6. What do I stand for ?

It is essential that you build your life around some sets of values and principles. Living a principled-centered live is a sustained drive towards lasting happiness. What are your values, principles and orientation? Understanding them would give your life more meaning.

7. Would my action infringe on the right of others?

You don’t have to make others feel bad in order to feel good. You need to make any poor so as to become rich. There is always room for everyone to aspire to whatever level in life. It therefore become imperative that you act in a way that you don’t take advantage of the weaknesses of others. Rather your actions should make others better off.

8. Does my actions correlate with my beliefs?

You have been advised to build your life around some sets of values and principles. Therefore, in your daily dealings with others, you should make sure you allow your values to dictate your actions.

Never compromise your values for anything else. Your values are your life. It is the foundation upon which your purpose in life is built.

9. Have I given my best?

Whenever you are faced with any challenge, it would be helpful to ask yourself if you actually gave such situation the best of your ability. No matter what you may have done in the past, you can still do more. There is no limitations to your energies and potentials.

Look for ways to make things better , no matter how bad it may look. Awaken your creative potentials. Bring all your energies to work. Surely you will find solutions to even the most challenging circumstances.

10. Does this relationship makes me better ?

The purpose of every relationship is to maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. Analyse all the relationships in your life and know those ones that are maximizing your potentials and ones that are creating no value of such in your life.

The earlier your start disconnecting yourself from negative yielding relationships, the better for your life. Remember, 5 years from now, your income is the average of your 5 best friends. So , choose your friends and relationships wisely.

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