doctor's prescription episode 2

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Episode Two

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Standing in the door way separating the infamous consulting room from the reception, I was shocked still, and I could not even move a muscle. Madam was directly in front of me, obscuring my total view of the man, but from the little glimpse I caught, his facial expression was unreadable. Surprisingly, he appeared bored and detached from the entire scene. I had seen him a couple of times before then, a fortyish, semi bald rotund man, always on a flannel shirt and suit pants, and on each occasion when our paths crossed, he had been totally civil, responding to my guilt laden greetings in his clipped British accent. I had learned from madam power that he was a lecturer in the university of Lagos, and he dedicated more of his time to his academic duties than his marital affairs.


It was one of those mysteries of life that defied logical explanation how the two of them fell in love and got married.


Where the man was taciturn and self evading, madam was boisterous and overly aggressive.


And while hussy looked like he could do with a whole range of beauty treatments and gym work, madam was in perfect shape, younger looking and still nubile, considering the fact that she was a two time veteran of the labor ward.


Not to be outdone in the game of wits currently unfolding, I said a quick hello to Oga, and when he mumbled his greetings back, I turned to madam



“So Madam, please don’t forget to mix the roots well with hot water before taking it, and you should give some to your husband too, he needs a bit of it”


Madam seemed to find my play acting amusing, and with a twinkle in her eyes, the remnants of a chuckle I must have missed, she thanked me, and turning to her husband, she barked with so much hostility, I actually cringed from the sheer shock “Oya, Professor, get in the car, I hope you picked up the kids, take me home I’m tired”


And turning to me, she smiled ever so sweetly, and with a voice miraculously calm considering her previous outburst said.


“Thanks doctor, I really enjoyed the roots, I will be coming back for more


tomorrow. Soak it well for me”


I was pretty dumbfounded at her not so subtle hints at our s*xual escapade and throwing a careless glance at her husband, I noticed he mumbled under his breath, while shifting awkwardly and shuffling away. Madam followed close behind, and in the next few minutes, they got into a Toyota Highlander jeep, parked precariously at the border between the main road and walkway under the blazing sun, and sped off.


Whoa, that was close, I thought to myself, while watching them speed into the distance.


Part of me wanted to relieve the sweet memories of my previous blissful hour while another part of me warned me that I really had to exercise extreme caution while doing my dirty works.



Oh well, alls well that ends well I said to myself. It was only just three pm, but I had had a tiring day. Its best I lock up and go home now.


I pick up my bunch of keys to lock my inner sanctum, when I hear a knock on the door.


“Who is that?” I shouted quite rudely as I walked to the main door.


I was really tired and irritated at the intrusion, and I was ready to tell the unwanted guest away, when I opened the door.


The words died in my mouth, as the sight in front of me made me gasp out in pure shock.


<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>


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