17 experiences learned from recession

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1)Management:Those of us who never find little to manage ,but spend enormously would learn that. Karma has caught up with everybody.
A wind of change has blown and the worst hit are. The rich who had it all coming. While the most blessed are. The poor
2)ReIieve your best moment:you would certainly look at 5 or 3years. Back when you had a certain assest or material. Thing that you misused and you wished or even cursed yourself. For not using it to it’s optimum potential
3)Hard decisions are truly worth it:Do you remember when someone advised. You to go to the farm or invest in a business that you felt did not have much relevance. Then because you were working for a private firm with salary of 500k or. A million dough! Now those who took such advise are smiling and you are suiffering!! Life is. Such a Dam
4)Ego is falling:That time when as a lady you kept turning down a suitor because he was earning 20k as a permkernel dealer and you had a guy giving you 650k per dmonth.Now salaries have not been paid and you lost your job and he lost his and the most stupid thing is that the latest rangerover your rich guy brought at 14milla 3years. Ago he sold it 500k while the permkernel guy is earning 4500 dollars for every export per week.you who were. so proud should be humble by now and treat everyone equal.Never look down on anybody because the hands of time would never fail
5)Value of things are falling: All those times you keep showing off that you have so so car,so so thing that others never had, are you not the one now selling them off to a so called poor fellow?
Do you know that the plasma tv you brought N360 k can be sold for N20k? So what the hell are you so high minded for? Abeg ! Park well
6)Appreciate everyone: you always toopk things. For granted and were so uingrateful, now if you like try it!! If them sound you eh! Ladies are eating beans now and all those people who would be doing butterflylife are appreciationg little.oif them like no chop kulikuli and garri, thunder go fire you when hunger almost kill you
7)Equality: pls learn to treat people equally and stop discrimination and everyone is touchy and tensed now.pls don’t annoy anyone or deprive anyone his legal and only means of livelihood. Love your neighbour as yourself.
Snubbing must stop: My God!! How many people would you continue snubbing? When hunger wire you eh!! You will stop that atitude.
Ots like John cena has not giving you attituide adjustment before abi.
Pls ladies,chaps. Stop dissing people ooh. I pity you.
9)Pride has Gone:what concerns people if you are a government worker! A pro! Or an influential stateman? Have you not solved your peoples problem? If u like don’t put food on the table.
10)Put God in remembrance: so you who didn’t attend church for a year suddenly remembered God? Thunder fire you!!
Ou have forgotten seroes of warning about the recession but you took it playfully because things. were rosy then. Now it happened because you doubted it or you doubted God.
11)No more wastefulness:This country is one that throws oit the old to embrace the new. I do hope that trend stops now.
If you have firewood or saw dust or things to cook pls manage sometomes even in the midst of plenty.you donot know when things. Can change.but in this country we have no precautionary or alternative motive. We just accept everything and throw out the old.so we are very wasteful.
12)Money is not totally the answer:if you love money or serve Mammon. Than the living God you are in serious trouble for putting so much faith in. Money.May God save you
13)Adopt a Saving culture: we do not have saving culture in this country.our leaders spend recklessly on the midst of plenty and civil servants. And others have followed this exemplary lifestyle.so what do you do when as a worker in the tome before recession you were earning N2million per month. And failed to save 500K? You see thay now you are lat a great loss becaise you had no plan for the rainy day!
I do hope this has taught Nigerian’s a hard lesson.
14 No more pity; everyone is pursuing his or her own problems.How I wished you helped or remembered those who came to seek your assistance in the time of plenty!!
Sp that that good nemesis came to reward you back.karma at work
15) Prayer and fasting:remember that time you had a meaty head and pot belly! You lady or a wife had stong thick thighs and a voluptous backside and always looling fresh.
They were. Teling you fast!!
Trouble is coming.They also told you to pray against evil and oppression but you felt unmoved and continued to mock your friend who looked as thin as a broom!! Now na who send you!!!
Mehn come and see how people are compulsorily fasting by force as eating system is 001, 010 and 000 sometimes.
Never tale God for granted oooh,,
16)Vanity is Vanity: remember all thos fleet of flashy cars.nexpensive phones and other jewelries you once held dear!!
Suddenly you discovered it never put food on your table. You discovered it isn’t worth bragging now! So now your eyes have opened.Nobody send you as you begin to sell ot low price. You are at loss, such is life what an irony!!
17)No more control; things are fallen apart. People who once called you boss are now rubbishing you. Infact you learnt to be humble by force. Are you so possesive of people and things? If you are pls stop it. No one care now bit everyone you hold dear. Would leave you for the highest bidder!!!.
Find God and obey him, he is the owner of everything!! If you don’t surrender to God, you cannot be over anything

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