28, salvation road episode 14

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I woke up the next morning with the biggest hangover , I felt like the world was placed on my head , I remembered that Chuks had an interview that morning when I noticed that he was not in the room , I checked the time on my phone and it was past nine , I had nothing to do so I dumped myself back on the bed and began to think . My thoughts were all on Funmi , why the sudden change in behavior? I decided there and then to go visit her at her place and find out myself , no more thinking and wondering, am gonna find out myself …
I woke up the next day feeling really dizzy , I got up from the floor and damn , the whole place smelt like a brewery, I saw two pools of vomit and quickly woke femi Me : guy , see as you vomit for here Femi : mehn my head dey bang Me : same thing here o , sha stand up park this your vomit o Femi : guy you dey mad o , you never even park your own you dey talk Me : who tell you say I vomit ? Na you vomit them two Femi : you dey mad, me no fit vomit twice , e never happen before Me : guy , there is always a first time for everything Femi : you dey mad there , na only my own vomit I go park He went into the kitchen and came back with broom and parker, he parked one of the vomit before heading to his room, seeing that my trick did not work on him, I parked the second vomit and also left for my room, that Chuks just keep person for parlor
After parking one of the vomits without knowing if it was mine or Noel ’ s , I went to my room and brought out my phone from my pocket and saw ten missed calls , three from my little sister and the other seven from my brother , I became very worried when I saw their miss calls , I quickly dialed my sister’ s number and got a very bad news, my mum was critically ill , they said she collapsed last night and they rushed her to the hospital but she have been unconscious since then , I felt really stupid , my mum was sick and I was busy drinking , first son for that matter . Having lost my father when I was still a boy , hearing that my only surviving parent was ill was definitely the worst news of the century for me . Being the first child meant that I am to be in charge of everything , I need to go to ibadan, I still have some money left with me even though it will not be enough , I will just manage it , I went to the parlor and met Noel cleaning his vomit , I called Mekus and he came out to join us in the parlor, I told them the latest development and that I would have to go to ibadan immediately, they consoled me telling me that she will get better , I later went to my room to pack some clothes and other things I would need . I was very shocked when I was about to go and the guys handed me thirty thousand naira cash….
When Femi informed us about his mum ’ s illness , I felt for him, I know how hard it is to live without any or both of ones parent having lost mine when I was just a boy, the hardship that followed after their death can never be overstated. Apart from the financial aspect, parents are very important in a person ’ s life, only people without one will understand . The economy was bad so I could only manage to get about ten thousand and Noel added twenty and we gave it to him. Immediately he left for Ibadan , I took my bath and made my way to Funmi ’ s place . I knew her parent would not be at home so I went straight to knock on her front door , she opened the door after my second knock, she was very shock to see me but she managed a smile and ushered me in
Me : so what ’ s up with you?
Funmi : am fine Me : I know you are fine, I can see it, what I want to know is why you have been ignoring me
Funmi : its not like that , I have just been busy
Me : look at me Funmi , you have been too busy for me ? She moved closer to where I was
Funmi : see Emeka , am sorry if I hurt you or something but I was busy and I could not do anything to control it , anyways, that ’ s by the way , let me offer you something I did not say anything so she left for the kitchen, her phone was on the table , messages kept entering on her BBM, out of curiosity I took her phone and checked the message, her friend Damola was the one sending them all , I got curious to read more when I saw the last message

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Damola: shebi he is already knacking you, that ’ s why you don ’ t wanna reply message, mad girl , na prick go kill you I scrolled up and read the message before
Damola: babes, I was already in your street when I saw Emeka entering your gate , shey you don tell am ni? I got more curious and just scrolled all the way up
Damola: babes where you dey?
Funmi : I dey Dayo house
Damola: wetin you dey do for Dayo house by this time, I think say you just wan go return the gift
Funmi : na the plan be that o but you know say Dayo know my weak point , he ended up fucking me
Damola: na wa o, you this girl , so wetin you wan do with Emeka
Funmi : Emeka wey no sabi fuck, he go dey make love and you know say me dey like am rough and hard, na so dayo take give me today , even though I know he does not care about me , I love the way he fucks me , if only Emeka can quit this his boring love making and bang me just the way I like I could not read further when I read up to this place , damn ! Breezy was right, this hoes aint loyal one bit, here I was making love to her like a queen but she wanted to be fucked like a slave. I was really angry but I made up my mind to give what she wants, I dropped her phone back on the table where she left and pretend like nothing happened, I immediately she joined me in the parlor with a plate of rice and malt drink , she dropped it on the table telling me to eat , I ignored her telling her to go on her knees , she smiled giving me that ‘what for’ look before kneeling , I got up and walked closer to her loosening my belt, I brought my dick and asked her to open her mouth , she obeyed and soon my dick was going in and out of her mouth , I held her hair while she sucked on, I soon began to fuck her mouth roughly, when I was done fucking her mouth , I carried her up , she was wearing a skirt, normally I would have flipped the skirt up but I tore it this time around, I could see the surprise on her face when I began to bang her pussy really hard, I was fondling her boobs roughly while fucking the shit out of her pussy with her two legs raised , I soon changed position and began to fuck her doggy style , I was smacking her ass while I banged on, she soon started begging me to take it easy,
Me : take it easy ? I thought you loved it rough and hard, Oh God , Emeka, am sorry please she begged realizing that I already found out You know what ? Just shut up , I said and kept banging her , I could see her shaking as her climax hit her for the second time, I don’ t know if it was the anger but I was not even close to my release , I continued banging her making sure I went in deep and hard, she soon began to sob but I kept fucking her until I climaxed , I almost immediately got off her and began to wear my clothes , she just laid on the chair not saying, when I was almost done wearing clothes , she broke the silence Emeka, am very sorry , please forgive me Am also sorry I said and walked out of her house and her life……
I left the company that day knowing I did well in the interview , I could not wait to be called back and offered a position in the company , I got home around past five that day, as I entered the street , I saw a feminine figure standing in front of the gate , I could not picture who it was because of the distance but as I got closer , the figure became clearer , it was bisi , she was more than beautiful that day, I hastened my footstep and soon I was in front of the gate Good afternoon, she greeted as I got to the gate Good afternoon, how are you? I asked Am fine, how is work ? Am coming from an interview , I replied Oh, that ’ s nice I lost all words to say so I made my way in but before I got to the door , I turned around and asked for her name So what ’ s your name ? I asked Bisi she replied smiling I am Chuks , I said also smiling She shook my hands and I asked for her contacts , she immediately gave me her phone number and her pin, we were still talking when Mekus came down from a bike , Bisi greeted him before we both walked in together with he asking how my interview went….


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