28, salvation road episode 3

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28 Salvation Road Episode 3
Mehn! Look at what that Mekus caused now , me Femzy standing under the hot sun to wait for a bitch , why in the world did that his darling funmi decide to come today that I was already planning on inviting this my new bitch home , I would have been fucking the shit out of her pussy right now and the worst thing is that the damm funmi been acting like she the only girl in the world, well Mekus been the one letting her though , she better be worth all the stress she putting my amazing body through . I reached for my phone and was about to call Bola for the second time and definitely the last time when I saw her walking towards me , damm ! If that Funmi aint worth all the stress , Bola’ s boobs are definitely worth it , I can ’ t wait to start sucking the shit out of them , hi dear I said as she hugged me with those crazy boobs and we walked away ….
Having gotting the words I needed from Mekus , I decided that I would travel to the villa during the weekend to go see my parents and inform them of my trip to Lagos but firstly, I needed to get goodbye fucks from my Otown girls , who should I call first ? Nneka, Chelsea , Cynthia or Amara , No Amaka, her loose pussy aint what I need right now , Chelsea it is , I dialed her number and she picked before it even rang twice , she must have been expecting my calls , Chelsea : hey darling, tell me you are in Owerri Chuks : yeah babe , I just came back last night and been missing you like crazy, what ’ s this night like for you ? I want you to crash at my place Chelsea: No pro dear, am actually lecture free tomorrow so ones am done with class today, I will head straight to your place Chuks : alright babes, I will be expecting you. . Yeah , one pussy is down , I knew Chelsea won ’ t disappoint me , she never does
NOELMONEY Since this stupid clients have refused to pay , man must find a way to make some cash real quick , I initially planned on staying indoor throughout today until that Mekus informed us that his queen was coming, so I decided to try out my luck on this sport bet I hear boys talking about , at least if maga no pay , sports bet go pay , its better to have two options than one, I went into the bet house and met some other guys doing something I later found out to be fore casting, I managed to play some games in Uefa champions league , at least , I knew for sure that man united would beat PSV and that Manchester city would beat juventus , Those idiot sold almost all the players that got them to the finals last season , after staking my bet , I decided to chill around instead of going home make that Mekus no com talk say na me spoil him parole …..

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FEMI Immediately we entered Bola’ s house, I mounted her , no time to waste, I grabbed those amazing boobs and pushed her to the wall as my lips found hers, I fondled the breast, they were amazing, I began to undress her , her shirt and trouser were soon off leaving her with just her pant and bra , I dipped my hands inside her bra and cupped those boobs , she let out a small moan as I did that , I brought out my hands and unhooked her bra revealing her twins , my dick was rock hard, I quickly took off my trouser leaving me with just my boxer , I brought out my dick from the boxer hole, wore a condom on it and shifted her panties with a finger and then I drove in , I made sure my dick went deep , she moaned hard as she felt the wrath of my dick , I began to fu¢k her hard with her back on the wall, I raised one of her legs to ease my entrance, I went in and out hard and deep , after about ten minutes of banging her in that position, I turned her around and drove in as I continued to fu¢k on, soon she was yelling oh gawd ! Yeah femi femi! you killing me , fu¢k me harder !
And then she went mute , I knew what’ s up with her so I kept banging her as my climax neared , I continued fu¢king her doggy style while smacking her ass and soon I began to jerk as i emptied my seeds into the condom…. . Damm ! That was nice I said as I fell on her …


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