8 FUNNY things Nigerian girls do before Valentine

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February brings with it a load of pressure and expectations in a relationship. Men are under pressure to impress their partners as they have to pass this annual test love and devotion that comes every February 14.

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The ladies are expecting their partners to go all out to please them in this month of love, not caring whether he has the means to do so.

Valentine’s Day is a few days away. While the men are thinking of how much will be leaving their pockets, the women are already thinking about how many gifts they will be getting from their lovers, especially those who have them in abundance.

Nigerian ladies are known to exhibit certain behaviours any time Valentine’s Day is approaching so they can be counted among those who got Valentine gift or were taken to somewhere nice for a romantic dinner.

Below are some of the things Nigerian girls do once Valentine is approaching. Though, this may not apply to all girls.

1. She starts giving you so much attention

Things Nigerian girls do before Valentine

Your girlfriend who calls or texts you once a day will begin to text you first thing in the morning, last thing at night and every minute of the day. They will not even give you breathing space. Don’t be surprised, this behaviour comes with the season.

2. She becomes extra romantic

Things Nigerian girls do before Valentine

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it is time to up her game in the romance department. If she has not been saying ‘I love you’, she will go and pick it up from wherever she dropped it. She will tell you ‘I love you’ 100 times a day. She will begin to send you romantic messages. She has to hold her man tight before one sharp lady will just take over.

3. She becomes more responsive

Things Nigerian girls do before Valentine

So, you have been trying for months to get this girl to go out with you and she has been giving you attitude. A New Year comes, Valentine is approaching and she begins to give you attention. She replies your messages immediately. She calls back when she sees your missed call, something she did not use to do. You’re wondering ‘where is all this niceness coming from’? My brother, do not think she is being nice for nothing. It is all for the sake of Valentine gift. You will notice that once Valentine passes away, the friendliness will also pass away.

4. She begins to drop hints about what she wants

She may have been bragging about what she will get for Valentine. She may want to give her friends the impression that she has a perfect man and would want to display her gifts on social media even though some buy it themselves and claim it is from a man. As Valentine’s Day is approaching, she begins to drop hints about what she wants for Valentine. Woe betide you if you disappoint her.

5. Kill them with your dressing

Things Nigerian girls do before Valentine

There are a number of ladies out there searching for who will be their Valentine. For the ones who have not secured a man for Valentine, they will begin to dress to kill so they can attract men. She does not want to be that girl who is all alone on Valentine’s Day while others are out on romantic dates and getting expensive gifts. She would do anything to get a man to be her Valentine. It does not matter if it lasts for just that lovers day. She cannot carry last.

6. She begins to look for cheap gifts to buy

Things Nigerian girls do before Valentine

Some women are not cheerful givers. They want to get expensive gifts but they cannot bring out money to buy expensive gift for someone else. All they know how to do is collect, collect and collect. So it does not look like they did not get you anything, they will look for that gift that will not cost them much, maybe a boxers, socks or singlet. At least, you cannot say she did not get you Valentine gift.

7. She begins to go out more

Those that loved the comfort of their home will begin to go out more. Who knows, you might just meet the man that will Val you on one of your outings.

8. She becomes a regular church goer

Things Nigerian girls do before Valentine

When you are looking for a prospective man, the church is one of the places you can find him. Some women have been lucky to meet the love of their lives in church. Once Valentine is approaching, some ladies will begin to attend church regularly and it is not just any kind of church. It has to be one of those new generation churches with lots of single guys who are handsome, rich and willing to spend.

Which are you guilty of?


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