A lady who once ignored phyno publicly apologize for forgiveness

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Young lady who once rejected the
advances of rapper Phyno comes begging
– The lady who claims Phyno was disturbing
her before his fame says she rejected all
his advances towards her
– Now that Phyno is a successful rapper,
she sends a message asking him for
A young lady has gone viral for sending a
bold message to rapper Phyno Fino,
begging for his forgiveness after refusing
his advances when he was still a struggling
rap artist.
According to the regretful lady, Phyno would
chat her up on a social media application
called 2go and send his songs with her. She,
however, took it all for granted and laughed
at him with her friends.
Years later, Phyno who is now recognized as
king of the east and a successful rapper gets
an apology from the woman who turned
him down when he had nothing but a
She started off saying: “I remember those
days of 2go when Phyno was really really
asking me out, Phyno Fino that you all
know.. Phyno would come to by 2go chat to
chat me up and tell me stuff, he will release a
new single and send it to me and be like
‘listen to this and see if it’s nice.” Watch her
message to Phyno below:
Phyno is yet to respond to her message or
accept her apology publicly. We will keep
you updated on the drama we see brewing.

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