A second chance episode 11

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# A second chance _EPISODE11
The door bell rang. Alice left the kitchen
and answered the door. It was her
mother Kofo.
They exchanged pleasantries and Kofo
sat down. Alice was about to go back to
the kitchen when she called her back.
‘Alice, i can see that there is something
wrong with you upstairs. Thats what i
came to correct.’ Kofo said angrily.
Alice was taken aback by her mother’s
attitude but it wasnt new to her.
‘mother, is there anything i’ve done
wrong?’ Alice asked.
‘yes! Alice, are you the only woman who
has lost a loved one in this world? He
was not even your husband before he
died, so whats wrong with you?’ Kofo
ranted. Alice became pale but her
mother couldnt care less. She must
bring back the Alice she once knew, she
didnt care how she would do it.
‘i specifically asked you to come visit on
new year day. You promised but i didnt
see you. All the preparations i made
were all wasted and you didnt even
bother to call us till this moment i am
speaking to you. Tell me, is it fair? Your
father and i were greatly disappointed.
We waited patiently for your call but you
didnt call. We called you three times but
you didnt pick and even after seeing
our missed calls, you couldnt call back.
Whats wrong with you?’ Kofo said not
minding the tears flowing freely from
Alice’s eyes.
‘dont shed crocodile tears for me. You
know what you did was wrong. You are
the only child we have. How would you
feel if Felix treats you this way? Its six
years now since Benjamin died but you
have not been able to bring a man to us.
What were you thinking? That by
wallowing in your misery Benjamin will
come back to. If thats what you think,
then you are a liar! When was the last
time you visited us eh? Tell me’ Kofo
said. Alice bowed her head in guilt.
‘i’m sorry mother. I didnt mean to’
‘shut up! You didnt mean to do what
eh?’ Kofo stood up and slapped Alice
twice. Alice cried the more.
‘many mothers like me have sons and
daughters in law but my own will be
different. Why? Because i have an
immature girl for a daughter. A
daughter who would bring nothing but
pain to her mother! Look Alice, i give
you seven days to come and apologise
to your father and i. If you do not come,
when next i come again, i will tear your
clothes from your body. Idiot?’ Kofo said
and stormed out.
To be continued

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