A second chance episode 111

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‘i dont know what to do Jess, this is hell
on earth. I’ve never been to a prison
before, this is my first time and its hell’
Stella said with tears in her eyes.
‘i’m really sorry that you have to go
through this but be strong, it will only
be for a while. How did you spend your
night here?’ Jessica asked concernedly.
‘i didnt sleep. Everywhere stinks. The
women where i was placed kept
smoking indian hemp, only God knows
who got it for them’
‘wow! It must be hell and you must
have been crying for long, look at your
‘what can i do? I never imagined for
once that the man i love with all my
heart will put me here, i didnt do what i
did to Alice because i wanted to, i did it
because i love him and besides you
were the one who put me to this, and
now, i’m the one suffering and you are
out there enjoying, so much for having
a bad friend!!’
Jessica drew back in shock ‘are you
calling me a bad friend?’
‘oh yes you are. You were the one who
suggested we abduct….’
‘and you are the one who took the
advice, you w—e!!’
‘did you just call me a w—e?’
‘yes, you are a w—e. You who sleeps
with your own cousin, oh you think i
wouldnt find out. Isnt that the reason
why Tony broke up with you?’
‘ho…how did you know that?’
‘hahaha, you might never have
discovered it but Uche, your so called
cousin who you were consistently
having s-x with not minding he is your
cousin is actually my boyfriend’
‘no what? He told me everything, Stella
you are a shame. If God cant punish you
for committing incest, then at least let
man punish you’
‘its not true!’ Stella cried.
‘its not? Okay, let me show you proof’
Jessica said bring out her phone from
her handbag, then showed him her
screensaver, she and Uche kissing.
‘Jesus! I cant believe this, no! Jessica,
you are lying’
‘hahaha, didnt they say pictures dont
lie? Every sexcapade with Uche comes
to my ears, he tells me everything you
know and i’ve always known you to be
a w—e, a cheap s–t!!!’
People ran helter skelter when there
was another gunshot. Maria was too
shocked to say a word or even run.
Tony dialled the police’s number and
they promised to come in a short while.
Three masked, armed men entered
pointing their guns up.
Susan quickly dragged Maria under the
table. Maria didnt even know when
tears flowed from her eyes.
‘who wants to ruin my party?’ she
whispered as more tears flowed.
COWARD!!’ one of the armed men
shouted and cocked his gun.
‘i’m so dead. Why do they want my
father? Oh God, please save him’ Maria
Then the men started shooting,
dragged some people who hid under
the table out, shooting everywhere.
It was then Maria caught sight of Felix
who was standing by entrance door
crying and looking around, obviously
looking for his mother.
‘geez! What kind of mother leaves her
son out there and scampers for safety?!’
Maria said.
‘who?’ Susan asked and Maria pointed
towards Felix’s direction.
‘i will go get him’
‘are you mad? Arent you hearing or
seeing these men? They are out to kill!!’
‘but that boy is in danger’
‘so? Afterall, he is the son of the wench
that wants to take over your mother’s
place and maltreat you, so let her suffer
small. At least, when her son dies, she
will learn her lesson’
‘thats such a wicked thing to do! I’m
sorry, i cant do that to an innocent child
who knows not that his mother wants
to reap where she did not sow. I have a
‘but his mother does not! Cant you see,
his mother wants to snatch your father
from you. If she has a conscience, she
wouldnt want to put asunder where
there is peace’
‘at least, you said his mother and not
him! Susan, let go of my hand, let me
save that boy, if anything bad happens
to that boy, i wopuld never forgive
‘you must be crazy Maria. You are my
friend and i need tp protect you’
‘and i need to protect a little child’ Maria
said, pushed Susan’s hands away then
ran out to save Felix. She rushed to
where the little boy was, dragged his
arm and was about to run back when
she was hit by a bullet……

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