A second chance episode 112

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The gunmen left immediately, at least
satisfied that Maria was shot even
though her dad who was their main
target wasnt shot.
‘doctor, please do anything you can to
save her please, she is all that i have’
Tony said, he didnt even know when
tears streamed down his face.
‘she is quite lucky,’ the doctor said ‘the
bullet didnt touch her chest or her heart
Tony sighed in relief ‘but will she be
The doctor shrugged his shoulders then
said ‘it all depends. She lost alot of blood
and she might need blood transfusion’
‘oh Jesus!’ Tony sighed.
Alice held his shoulders, she too was
crying, it might not be because, Maria
was in the hospital, but because of the
sacrifice Maria made to save Felix
knowing fully well that it Felix was her
son. It was then she knew that Maria
had a good heart no matter how rude
she appeared to be.
‘she will be fine Tony, dont worry’ she
‘i hope so. Oh God, please save her, i
wonder who was sent to kill her on her
birthday’ Tony said, crying.
The doctor felt pity. Imagine, a
billionaire crying so shamelessly like a
baby in front of him. He couldnt help but
wonder who could have shot the small
girl, and for what reason? What did she
do to them?
‘what about the blood donation?’ he
‘i will do it. My blood group is O+, and
Maria is O+ too’ Tony said.
‘who could have done this? I mean, do
you have any problems with anyone
which might have you know…’ Detective
Johnson asked.
‘i…really dont know. The only person i
know of is in prison. And that is Gilbert,
Gilbert Adewale and…and…Stella
Lawrence’ Tony answered.
‘no business rivals?’
‘i…really….none i can think of’ Tony
answered trying to think of any
business rival.
‘have there been any threat of recent?’
‘i reall dont know. But i know who ever
shot Maria wanted to shoot me,
because he kept calling my name telling
me to come out’
‘and where was Maria when all this was
‘i…she was hiding, then all of a sudden
from my hidung place, i saw her come
out to save a small boy who was
standing in the middle of nowhere, that
was when they shot her’
‘do you know the kind of friends she
keeps at school or anywhere? Does she
have a boyfriend?’
‘i really do not know. I only know two of
her friends, Abby and Susan’
‘and they were all at the party?’
‘no, just Susan, i didnt see Abby’
‘i recently found out she was related to
Gilbert Adewale who is in prison, she
should be running around trying to set
him free…to seek bail for him, so she
wouldnt have had time to attend the
‘okay. That enough for now. I should
take my leave now and please contact
us if there’s any new development. I
also will contact you if there’s
something new and if we need
anymore information, we will meet you’
Detective Johnson said standing up.
Tony stood up too and they shook
‘thanks for everything’ Tony said,
wiping his tears from his eyes.
Detective Johnson smiled and left. Alice
came in when she saw the Detective
leave. Seeing Tony cry made her heart
bleed, she never knew she loved him
this much. She moved closer and gave
him a warm hug.
Nneka entered the ward only to see
Maria lying on the bed, with a drip fixed
to her hand, still inconcious.
Absentmindedly, Nneka burst into
‘stupid girl, you have sharp mouth abi?
Use your sharp mouth to save yourself
now. I’m so glad your party wasnt a
success’ Nneka said amidst laughter.
Then she stamped her feet on the floor,
then with another round of laughter
said; ‘i really hope you die Maria, i do
not want you alive. You are going to be
a stumbling block on my path. If you do
not die in this ordeal, i will personally kill
you and give your blood to Queen
Lateefa and…..’
The door opened at that moment and
Tony walked in….

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