A second chance episode 12

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Alice lay on the couch, different
thoughts flooding through her head.
Her mother’s words were having a
serious effect on her. Could her mother
be right? Was she really wasting her
time? Will her being single bring
Benjamin back to her? What about
Felix? Doesnt he need a father’s love and
care? She’s 29 now. All her mates are
married. Is she really just wasting her
time? All these and many other thoughts
flooded her head. The door bell rang
again. She grumbled a little before
dragging herself to the door. She
opened the door and saw him smiling
like an idiot.
‘hello’ he greeted
‘Gilbert! What are you doing here?’ she
‘wont you let me in?’
Alice sighed and opened the door for
him. He entered and made himself
comfortable on the sofa.
‘what do i offer you?’ Alice asked. She
knew why she was trying to be calm
because after all this years, he wouldnt
have come to disturb her again.
He giggled like he was enjoying himself.
‘you’ he said. Alice hissed in annoyance.
‘Gilbert, i dont have all the time in the
world, please what do want?’
she asked impatiently
‘like i said earlier, it is you i want. Sit.’
Alice just scoffed and sat directly
opposite him
‘yes, any problems?’ she asked
‘no, i just came to see your face, i have
missed you so much’ he said.
Alice stood up furiously ‘i can see you
have come here for rubbish. Thats
enough now, please leave!’
‘not yet! Not after i see my son’ Gilbert
‘leave! Felix is not your son! He is
Benjamin’s son. Please get out! I beg
you’ Alice said as she marched to the
‘Alice, what is it you cant just
understand? Benjamin is gone, he’s
gone forever! We are meant to be
together Alice. I’ve always known that.
No matter the obstacles, they will all fall
down.’ Gilbert said calmly as he stood
up from his seat
‘what? Did you just call my Benjamin an
obstacle? Are you happy he is dead or
what? What kind of a friend are you?’
Alice fired as she ran to hit him. Gilbert
held her hands
‘calm down Alice and isten to me! I am
not happy he is dead but God took his
life because he wouldnt just leave whats
mine alone. He wanted to put asunder
in what God has put together. That is
the reason he died. Alice we have a
second chance to be together. Dont
spoil this unity. We are a pair made
together in heaven. We ought to be
together. We are……..’
‘SHUT UP!’ Alice screamed ‘you are not
making sense at all, leave my house and
never come back again!’
‘Alice, you dont know what you are
throwing away. How many men out
there would want to marry a woman
with a child? But look at me i am more
than willing to accept the paternity of
Felix even if he is not my son! Just tell
me since Benjamin died, just how many
men has come for your hand in
marriage huh?’
‘there are so many of them. I am not
just ready to replace Benjamin with
anyone and even if i would, not you!’
Alice ranted, she was getting impatient.
She could just end up killing this dude.
‘no matter what you do, you will never
be able to avoid me because we are
one. We are destined to be together.
The earlier you understand that, the
better for all of us! I have stayed away
from you for all this years thinking you
would be reasonable by then but you
disappointed me Alice. You just showed
me that you are nothing but a childish
and immature……’
GBOOSA! Alice slapped him before he
could finish his statemant.
To be continued

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