A second chance episode 121

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Nneka clapped happily, she really was
enjoying this, yes, Tony should kill his
own daughter, she was even tired of
the hide and seek game she had been
playing with Tony and Alice, she
planned killing Alice in an accident
when she leaves for her house. She was
just trying to bring them together to
make the game quite interesting, but
now, she decided to end it quickly so
she could go back to Enugu, to her
husband. She watched as Alice tried to
free Maria from Tony’s tightening grip
and she laughed ‘if only you know
whats controlling him, you wont waste
your time, you would just go and face
your own death on the way, hahahah’
Nneka laughed. Just then Rhoda rushed
into the room, she screamed and
together, they tried dragging Maria
from Tony’s grip. Nneka frowned and
struck her with madness, it was like a
joke but Rhoda actually ran mad there
and then, Alice drew back in shock and
watched the person who was supposed
to help Maria start laughing hysterically
wilthout a cause. She didnt know what
had gone over Tony but she could see
the darkness in his eyes and she nearly
screamed in fright and she couldnt help
but think that she was the cause of all
of this.
‘Tony, please leave her alone, i’m ready
to take all the insults but please dont do
this, remember who she is, your one
and only daughter!!’ she cried in vain.
The room was already a mess as Rhoda
was already turning everything upside
down. She watched the poor girl who
was tired of struggling, just trying to
say something or was actually saying
something, something like, dad, please, i
will not do it again, please dont kill me,
thought she was stuttering.
Alice instantly felt like doing something,
she took a rod Rhoda brought out from
God knows where and hit it on Tony’s
head. He didnt move at first, but later he
winced in pain and turned to face her
with deadly eyes, his eyes turned red
and she went behind the mad Rhoda
who only laughed ‘come, lets go and eat
food!! Hahahaha, in the market,
hahahah’ Rhoda said and laughed,
oblivious of what was happeneing
around her, the spiritual tension in that
room if not the whole house.
Meanwhile, Nneka was in her room
enjoying the whols scenario. She
decided not to waste her time killing
Alice with an accident again ‘Tony
should just kill her’ she laughed.
Back in the room, Tony advanced
menacingly, rod in hand, towards Alice
who was only trying to find safety
behind mad Rhoda who was just
laughing away her time. She screamed.
Tony landed the rod on her head and
she fell, blood gushed out…..

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