A second chance episode 124

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‘grandma, is she dead?’ Maria asked
pointing to Alice ‘and Rhoda, whats
wrong with her? She was behaving
wierd like she was mad’
Nneka laughed ‘Rhoda wanted to see
what she should not see’
‘so you made her mad?’
Nneka laughed and Maria took that as
an affirmation to her question. She
looked at her grandma, God! Who could
have thought such a beautiful aged
woman would be a witch capable of
killing or turning someone mad. No
wonder her spirit never matched with
that of her grandma’s. But they were
once very close but not anymore.
‘my dad?’ Maria asked.
‘he would be fine’
‘but why is he standing there like a
‘so he wont see or hear anything, even
‘is Alice dead?’
‘perhaps, but we have to call the queen
of almighty kuvudu, Queen Lateefa to
come and take her spirit and blood’
‘who is Queen Lateefa?’
With a speed of lightening, Queen
Lateefa appeared and the whole room
shook. Maria screamed in fright but
when Nneka bowed before her, she
kept quiet. Never had she seen
someone this horrible looking all her
life. This must be lucifer himself, she
‘impressive Nneka, i loved that! You just
proved to me how dedicated you are to
Kuvudu. You are even bringing a fresh
blood in, your grand daughter’ Queen
Lateefa said.
Maria swore the room began to swirl
around gently. Queen Lateefa stretched
her hands towards Alice’s body and it
disappeared. Maria drew back in shock.
Nneka bowed and Queen Lateefa
disappeared to.
‘grandma, where is…..she taki…ng her…
her body to?’
‘to the kingdom. We are going to eat
her flesh and drink her blood tonight’
‘yes, you are coming with us’
‘because today will be your initiation
and then you will become part of us’
Nneka stretched her hands towards
Tony and Rhoda. ‘they wont remember
a thing’ she said.
Tony coughed and Rhoda stood up.
Tony looked around surprised ‘why is
this room a mess? Who scattered it?’ he
asked no one in particular.
‘Rhoda,’ Nneka called ‘clean up this
‘yes ma’ Rhoda replied.
Maria ran out of the room
At night, Maria couldnt sleep, the events
of the day kept coming into her head.
She felt guilty and partly responsible for
all that happened. She couldnt help but
wonder what was happening to Alice at
the moment. Maybe, they are already
cooking her flesh for dinner, she
She hated Alice yes, but she couldnt just
sit and fold her arms when her life was
in danger. She knew if Alice dies, her
dad would remain single but she
couldnt just let Alice die, no! She could
stop the both of then from marrying but
she must save her life. Nneka had
warned her that at 12midnight, their
spirit would leave for Kuvudu kingdom.
She checked the time and saw it was
past ten.
Not knowing what to do, she opened
her wardrobe and collected her bible,
then knelt by her bedside to pray……

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