A second chance episode 128

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Maria dropped the novel on her bed and
grabbed Alice’s shirt.
‘you lie because my dad can never
impregnate you, never! Why are you so
desperate? Why are you so determined
to get him to marry you? Are you a
Alice was surprised at Maria’s outburst.
She gently released her shirt from
Maria’s hold.
‘why are you determined to tear us
apart? Why cant you accept the fact that
your dad and i are in love with each
other and that we plan to marry? What
is so wrong in that?’
‘what is so wrong in that? Dont you
realise that my dad is a married man?
How can you love a married man, how
can you? Dont you have a conscience?’
Alice couldnt stop herself from laughing.
‘your dad is not married. He is single’
‘its a lie! He is married. To my mum’
‘and where is your mum now?’
‘dont you dare try to mock my mum’
‘you are getting it all wrong Maria’
‘oh yeah, i’m getting it all wrong abi?
You are trying to take my mum’s place
and guess what? I wont let you’ Maria
hissed ‘and you better get rid of that
thing you call a baby, because i will
never accept it!’
‘never! And i dont need you to accept it,
you know why? Because you aint the
father!’ she said and left the room in
‘so i’m gonna be having a younger
sibling? That seems great!’
Then she caught herself. What was
wrong with her? Was she actually happy
or sad about the baby?
She wished she was sad because she
wanted to be sad. She didnt want her
dad to marry. It will only make him
forget her mum and thats what she
didnt want.
But she wanted a younger sibling, be it
boy or girl. Spank him or her whenever
he or she has done something wrong,
tell then stories, help then with their
assignments, pet them whenever they
cry, buy then candies and chocolate,
drop them off at school before going to
hers…. God, the list of things she
wanted to do with a younger sibling
were too much.
Then she reasoned; if Alice or whatever
her name was marries her dad, she
would have two or more siblings. First,
Felix, then the unborn baby and
probably more. But if Alice married her
dad, then her mum would be forgotten
and she wasnt sure she could or would
want to trade that for anything in the
A gentle knock on the door jerked her
back to conciousness. Rhoda opened
the door and peeped into the room;
‘madam Alice said i should call you
down for dinner’ Rhoda said.
‘dinner? Is dad back?’
‘yes, since’
‘and he didnt bother to check on me
‘erm, he has been talking with madam
Alice since’
‘can you please stop calling her madam
Alice? Who is she? Did she tell you that
she is now the madam of the house?
Please dont annoy me. Let this be the
last time i would warn you about this’
Maria warned sternly.
‘yes Maria’ Rhoda said obediently.
Maria sighed ‘what are we having for
‘bitterleaf soup and pounded yam’
‘who cooked it? You?’
‘no, its madam Al….i mean oga’s wife
that cooked it’
‘are you mad? Where you the one that
wedded the both of them? Look Rhoda,
you better becareful with the things you
say in this house if you dont want
Rhoda flinched. Imagine a small girl like
Maria, just 17yrs asking her if she’s mad.
Anyway, its condition that bent the
‘sorry Maria’
‘who did you say cooked it again?’ Maria
‘madam….sorry Alice’
Maria hissed ‘i’m not eating. Prepare
something else for me to eat’
‘but Maria, oga said i should tell you to
come down and eat’
‘get out now!!’
Rhoda nodded and left. Nawa for this
oga pikin oo. Why she hate this nice
woman na? See as she even take order
me make i go prepare something for
am? Wetin do her hand abi she no get
hand? They don spoil that girl, 17yrs,
she never sabi boil rice. Anyway your
papa get money, idiot! Rhoda said as
she headed downstairs.

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