A second chance episode 136

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Kelvin entered immediately. Alice saw
that his eyes had become red and puffy,
he was also pale, no longer the
charming Kelvin she once knew.
On seeing Alice, he managed a smile.
But on seeing Gilbert, his eyes flashed in
anger. He wanted to just grab the guy
and gave him heavy punches all over his
‘Kelvin, i really dont want to believe that
all what Amy just told me is the truth’
Alice said.
‘what did she tell you?’ Kelvin asked.
‘what really are you Kelvin? An oil
company worker or a fraudster?’ Alice
Kelvin drew back in shock. Then he sat
down close to Alice ‘i dont know what
you are talking about’
Alice sighed, how was she gonna settle
this now? Amy just told her he was a
cheat, a liar, a fraudster, a woman
batterer or whatever she could call it.
But she would really want for them to
end up together, but what she really
wanted to understand was how Amy
got together with Gilbert and why
Gilbert of all people?
She spared Gilbert a glance and the guy
shamelessly and secretly blew her a kiss.
Then she realised Gilbert was only using
Amy to get to her. And foolish Amy was
really falling cheaply for his stupid plans.
She didnt want to believe all what Amy
said about Kelvin. It might be true but
they’ve been dating for over six years
now and since, they’ve been no
complaint about him so what the hell
was she saying now? Could it all be a lie
or could people really change overnight.
She didnt know Kelvin as a fraudster, he
was a straight forward guy and she
respected him for that. She knew Gilbert
was cunning, really cunning but could
she really…..
‘Alice,’ Amy called shakingher out of her
‘you’ve been quiet’ Amy said.
‘guess she was thinking’ Gilbert chipped
in mockingly.
Alice sent him an angry gaze. He found
himself lusting after her again. Gosh,
how would he lose such a damsel? The
only girl that made his insides on fire?
He didnt care if he was regarded as
lucifer but he would do everything
humanly possible to get her. Whatever
that would cost him, even of it means
going to India to get the best charms,
he would do just that.
‘dont be stupid!’ Alice snapped and he
‘i guess the guy by your side is the one
you are referring to’ he said referring to
Kelvin who stood up angrily.
‘mind your language else you would
really get it from me!’ Kelvin warned.
Amy stood up immediately ‘its okay. I
dont want this. Alice, Kelvin, i’m sorry
but the both of you have to leave now.
You are doing nothing than trying to
humiliate my fiance and i cant tolerate
that. Alice, please, for our friendship’s
sake, learb to respect Gilbert, if you
want out friendship to continue but for
now, you just have to leave’
Alice stood up, taken aback ‘are you
asking me out? Because of this…..’
‘you heard her Alice,’ Gilbert stood up
too and now, everyone was standing
‘just get lost!’
‘shut up, will you? Who even talked to
you?’ Alice said angrily.
‘she is my fiancee so…..’
‘go to hell and dine with the devil, idiot!
Kelvin, lets get out of here’ Alice said to
Kelvin as she glanced his way. She was
shocked to see tears streaming down
his face as he stared at Amy. She felt
He started walking towards the door
and then he stopped and turned to Amy
‘you will regret this!’ he told her firmly
and left. Alice followed suit after eyeing
both Gilbert and Amy…..
See you guys later in the evening

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