A second chance episode 139

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Collins dialled Gilbert’s number to fill him
on. He was glad he was going
‘hello guy, how did it go?’ Gilbert asked
immediately he picked the call.
‘good. I just drove out of the station.
Luck was on my side oo. They were
even waiting for the so called detective
and i walked in, with my suit and all,
mehn! If you see packaging!’ Collins said
‘i trust you! So they are gone? Like gone
for real?’
‘uh yes, they ate all. I waited for them to
eat it all, then i left. You know if i had
waited till….you know, it would have
been implicating’
‘hope you carried all your stuffs sha?’
‘i left the f—–g briefcase and the food
flask there mehn’
‘you did what? Guy you dey craze?
Wetin dey do you?’
‘guy relax, this isnt new york or
California, those ugly looking and pidgin
speaking idiots on black wont even
know that something life finger
‘forget finger prints my friend! What the
heck are you talking about, you should
have gone with everything! Yes, they
might not do finger prints but you
should have left not even a single
evidence! You f—-d up here dude, you
really f—-d up here, i must be sincere!’
‘calm down guy. Nothing is gonna
happen. Meanwhile, what of your new
babe Amy? Hope you are having the
time of your life with her sha?’
‘oh shut up! Dont even try to tease me
Collins laughed ‘okay but seriously, do
you like her like, you love her the way
you loved Alice or so?’
‘just shut up Collins. This isnt something
for you to get involoved with’
‘dont break that girl’s heart Gilbert, no
matter what, she doesnt deserve to
suffer. She’s breaking up with her fiance
just because of you. If she’s part of the
plan, it isnt too late for her to go back to
her fiance’
‘guy, mind your business na!’
‘i’m serious Gilbert, if you know you are
yet to give up on Alice then…..’
‘bye!!’ Gilbert said and hung up.
Collins shook his head, he was done
doing dirty jobs for Gilbert and this
time, he meant it.
‘Maria, are you sure we should skeep
shutting Abby out? You think its right?’
Susan asked.
‘that girl insulted me so she should pay
for it. I’ve not even started dealing with
her, by the time i’m through with that
stupid Alice, i would face Abby and trust
me, she would run four fourty!’
Susan laughed ‘i hear you!’
Just then, she sighted Abby coming
towards them from the chemistry lab.
‘she’s coming sef, its like she’s coming
this way’ Susan said.
Maria scoffed ‘i doubt’
But when she raised her head again,
she saw Abby right in front of her with
an apologetic smile on her face.
‘hi girls’
Susan and Maria exchanged glances but
ignored her.
‘can i seat with you guys?’
‘no!’ Maria snapped.
‘come on Maria, lets just make up
already. Its been three months already,
do you still want to continue keeping
Susan and Maria ignored her.
‘Maria. Susan. I’ve come to apologise for
everything. I’m very sorry for everything.
I….lets just get back together please. I
will be so happy if we do’
Maria looked at her ‘sorry Abby, we dont
need you. We dont need your friendship
at all. We’ve been doing just fine these
past three months without you and we
can cope alright?’
‘haba Maria. Remember we’ve been
friends since JSS1 oo. We’ve been best
of friends. Just small quarel and you
want us to go our seperate ways, its not
fair oo’
‘look at who is saying its not fair. When
you were busy running your mouth,
calling Maria a fool, calling her different
names, you never realised or rather
should i say remembered that we’ve
been friendss since JSS1 abi?’ Susan
‘dont mind her. Tramp! Abeg Susan, lets
go. This idiot here doesnt deserve our
anger right now’
‘Maria, please now. I have changed,
believe me i’m a changed person now
and i regret all of my actions, i swear!’
Susan and Maria burst into an
uncontrollable laughter ‘madam Maria!’
Susan snapped.
‘believe me Suzy, i have changed truly’
‘its okay, we’ve heard you. Just go first
abeg, we’ve heard you’ Maria said
amidst laughter.
‘yes, we’ve heard you. You’ve changed,
let us change as well, then we can be
friends again because now, we are yet
to change!’ Susan said.
‘now you girls are mocking me. I know i
did something wrong and i’m
apologising. Is that so wrong huh?’
Abby asked.
Maria became serious ‘seriously Abby,
you’ve over stayed your welcome, just
walk out now that i’m still calm’
‘Maria, i…..’
‘NOW!’ Maria barked.
Abby looked at her, then Susan and
walked away. Maria felt her phone,
which was well hidden in her school
bag, vibrating. She went to the
backyard, looked around and when she
saw no one, brought it out ; Gilbert….

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