A second chance episode 14

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‘he doesnt love you Alice, to think he
slapped you back and tried to…..’ Amy
said but suddenly stopped when she
noticed that Alice’s tears had increased.
‘okay, i will see you later then’ Tony said
and dropped the call on seeing Maria.
‘Maria, you…..’
‘dad, who was that on the phone? I
hope its not a lady’ Maria said rudely.
Tony was taken aback for awhile, then
he regained himself.
‘Maria, i dont get you’
‘dad, i hope, you are not thinking of
getting married. I hope you know i will
never allow that.’ Maria said shocking
him the more. Tony regarded her for
‘whats wrong in me getting married?’
He asked
‘dad! You will never try that. Mum’s spirit
will never forgive you and i will never
forgive that stupid mistress of yours!’
Maria said. Tony was shocked then
laughed to reduce the tension in the
‘its not what you think Maria. Actually, it
was Kenneth on the line’ Tony said.
Maria heaved a sigh of relief. Tony
laughed but deep down. What Maria
said troubled his spirit but he couldnt
let her know.
Alice walked Amy out of the house. She
was Benjamin’s cousin
‘so your mother said those hurtful
Alice nodded ‘yes, but to an extent, i
think she was right, maybe, i’m just
wasting my time’
‘yes. Thats true. You need to get
To be continued

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