A second chance episode 15

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Amy left immediately her fiance called.
Alice hurried up, packed a few things
and headed to Felix’s school to pick him
Ma Nneka, Naomi’s mother packed her
things. She would be leaving for Lagos
the next day, which seemed like eternity
to her. She was really anxious to see her
son-in-law and granddaughter.
The next day
Tony dropped his briefcase on his
mahogany desk and sent for the
secretary who immediately brought a
pile of files to his table. He set down to
work and just when he was about to
attend to the first file, the telephone on
his desk rang. He pressed the ‘pick’
button and placed it on his ears.
‘Roselyn?’ he called
‘sir, you have a visitor.’
‘okay, usher the person in’ Tony said
and dropped the call. No sooner had he
dropped the call that a knock came on
the door.
‘come in’ he said in his rich baritone
The door flung open and Ansa walked
in proudly with a smile on his face. The
two friends fell on each other. Years has
passed without them hearing from each
other. Ansa looked handsome in his
white suit and white italian shoes.
‘i thought you were dead’ Tony joked
‘ i also thought so about you’ Ansa
replied and they laughed.
‘you havent changed much Ansa. You
are still the same guy from before’
‘not a guy, a man’
‘my sincere apologies’
They laughed. Ansa’s eyes fell on the
heap of files on Tony’s desk
‘are you sure you can make it today?’
Ansa asked.
Tony was confused
‘make what?’
‘i was going to tell you to hang out but
with the files i see on your table…..’ he
shook his head ‘no way’ he added.
Tony laughed. ‘dont worry Ansa, it will
be well taken care of’
The two friends left ‘The Brown’s limited
company’ and headed to Diamond
Diamond Castle was cool place for
outing. Ansa looked new in town but he
knew many places. He was the flexing
type. They chose a table close to the
window. Tony chose that spot. They
ordered for drinks and little chops. They
cracked jokes and talked about many
things then Ansa’s phone rang. He
picked it up, spoke for like two minutes
then hung up.
‘who was that?’ Tony asked.
‘its Alice, she is coming here’
To be continued

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