A second chance episode 17

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Tony nodded. Ansa looked through the
window and smiled.
Alice and Felix found their way through
the tables and sighted Ansa and a
stranger. She approached them. They
hugged and exchanged pleasantries.
‘Tony, meet my silly cousin Alice, Alice,
my best friend Tony’ Ansa introduced.
‘nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard so
many things about you’ Tony said as
they shook hands.
‘really? I hope Ansa didnt run his mouth
too much’ Alice said jokingly. They
laughed and made orders. Felix wanted
ice-cream as usual. They began chatting
about several things.
‘what of Nkechi?’ Alice asked.
‘she left for Abuja this morning to see
her cousin so i also seized this
opportunity to see mine as well’ Ansa
said. Alice chuckled.
‘yeye cousin’ Alice said.
Alice and Ansa began to chat about so
many things that is related to family and
Tony felt left out. He looked outside the
window and caught sight of a beautiful
and curvy woman. For the first since
Naomi died, he felt like approaching a
woman. She was dressed moderately. A
tight skirt, blue singlet and a black suit.
Tony saw her lock her car. He fell in love
with her instantly and made up his
mind to approach her. He saw her walk
in. Not long after he saw. She was very
pretty indeed like a mermaid. She placed
her order and sat two tables away from
them. Not too long, a cup of coffee and
cheese cake was brought to her. He
loved the way she sipped her coffee, the
way she bit her cake bit by bit,
everything. His mind wasnt with Ansa
and co anymore. It was far……
Maria was bored at home. Rhoda had
gone to the market to get some things
and she was alone. She felt like going to
her dad’s office but she decided to call
first. Tony picked the call on the scecond
‘hello dad.’
‘hello Maria, any problem?’
‘no dad. I just wanted to know if i could
come over to your office. I’m bored.’
‘oh no! I am not in the office so dont
bother. Dont worry, i will come home
‘where are you dad?’
Just then Alice tapped Felix gently
‘eat slowly dear’ she said to him.
Unfortunately, Maria heard that and
misunderstood. Brfore Tony could
respond, she spoke up
‘dad? Are you with lady?’ she asked
anger evident in her voice
‘uh, yes. There’s one here’
‘what?!’ To say Maria was angry was an
understatement. ‘dad, is this what you
now do? I am disappointed! Dad, we
need to talk’ she said and ended the call
Tony was in shock with what Maria did
but as soon as he saw the lady, it
disappeared from his mind.
She paid her bill and stood up to leave.
Tony quickly excused himself from the
table and followed her. Ansa was too
busy to notice but unfortunately, Alice
noticed. She had been watching since
that lady entered.
Just as the lady inserted the key into the
keyhole, Tony came.
‘hello’ he said.
‘hi’ the lady replied and flashed the
cutest smile ever.
To be continued

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