A second chance episode 18

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‘how may i help you?’ she asked in the
most polite manner ever.
He smiled ‘i am Tony Brown by name,
whats yours?’
‘oh!’ the lady exclaimed ‘so you are the
man named Tony Brown. Its so nice to
meet you. Anyways i am Stella Lawrence
by name’ She said in a sophisticated
manner. He nodded.
‘nice to meet you Stella.’ he said.
‘nice to meet you too mr. Tony.’
‘i think Tony is okay.’
she smiled.
‘can i have your card?’ he asked. Stella
nodded. ‘sure!’ she opened her purse
and handed her card to Tony.
‘i will be expecting your call soon’ she
said and drove away.
Ansa noticed the way Alice had bbeen
stretching her neck towards the the
window. She was no longer
concentrating in their discussion.
‘Alice, what are you looking at na?’ he
said also stretching his neck through
the window.
‘this your friend Tony, is he married?’
she asked.
‘he lost his wife ten years ago. Since
then he has been unable to move on’ he
‘eyaa! I pity him. Does he have children?’
she asked
‘yes. Just a daughter. She is sixteen now
i guess’ he replied.
‘such a poor girl! What a pity!’ she
sighed. Ansa shrugged
‘is he a flirt?’ she asked in a whisper
‘no. Tony doesnt even have time for
ladies. He hasnt even dated since the
death of his wife. I wonder if his
hormones are dead’ he said. Alice
laughed loudly. She saw Tony coming
and she stopped. She took notice of his
handsome features. He was really
handsome. She understood why the
stupidly pretty lady gave him her card
easily. She couldnt understand his
discussion but she understood what
was going on. He smiled apologetically.
‘i’m so sorry for staying long’ he
apologised. She smiled lost in
Maria paced around the sitting room.
She was waiting for her dad to show
up. She needed to know who owned
that voice. That b—h must suffer. She
heard the door bell. She headed to the
door and opened it. She saw her
grandmother, she flung herself on her.
They talked and talked n talked. Maria
loved her grandmum so much. Then she
asked of Tony and her countenance
‘he went out on a date’ she said. Nneka
looked at her surprised.
The battle had just began
To be continued

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