A second chance episode 19

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Nneka faced Maria curiously
‘your father has…..’
‘dont worry grandma, i wont let it
happen.’ Maria said bravely.
Nneka jumped up excitedly
‘what do you mean you wont let that
happen? Thats the best news i’ve heard
since this year!’ Nneja said happily.
Maria was suprised ‘grandma, are you
happy about such a thing?’ she asked
‘of course dear! Arent you happy? You
are finally going to have another
mother!’ she said
Maria was kindha angry now. She had a
mother. Her mother was Naomi and she
doesnt need another for crying out
‘Grandma, thats an insult to mother. Her
soul wont rest in peace if she finds out
that another woman is now in her
position!’ she said tears now welling up
in her eyes
‘thats not true my dear. Dont you
remember your mother’s last wish? She
wants your father to be happy and he
cant be happy without a woman by his
side? Tony has done what no man can
do. Ten years is no joke my dear!’ she
said wiping Maria’s eyes
‘no way grandma! I wont let that
grandma, whether he is happy or not, i
dont care! He has to respect mother!’
she said pushing Nneka’s hands away
Nneka was really suprised and angry at
the same time. She lost her temper and
slapped Maria.
‘whats your problem? Are you a witch?
Dont you want the progress of your
father? You must be mad!’ she said
aggressively. Rhoda peeped from the
kitchen. Nneka was angry at Maria’s
Maria was sobbing
‘i dont mean it that way grandma, i
want the best for daddy but not with
another woman. It is grossly
unnacceptable, i would never let that
happen. Its over my dead body!’ she
said and cried the more
‘and it will be over your dead body
because your father will marry because
he ought to and if his witch of a
daughter wont let him then he should
beter go to hell’ Nneka said eyed Maria
and left. Maria sobbed loudly, what a
mess! So her grandma actually slapped
her because of a re-marriage abi? Her
father will never marry. She swore to
To be cont

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