A second chance episode 20

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After several hours of being together at
Diamond castle, Tony and co decided to
leave. It was 6.45pm already. Ansa
dropped Alice and Felix off at home and
promised to come visit them some of
these days. As Alice and Felix
approached the house, she sighted the
black camry with Gilbert seating waiting
patiently for her.
At first, she felt like nhiding but she
decided not to. She approached him
‘what are you doing in my house?’ she
asked with anger in her voice. Gilbert
looked at her with fire in his eyes
‘so this is what you do now Alice eh?
You now go out and come back late at
night right?’ he asked grabbing Alice by
the neck. Alice writhed in pain amd
begged Gilbert to please release her but
he didnt. Felix was old enough to know
his mother was getting hurt. He only
begged Gilbert to leave his mother alone
but Gilbert pushed him away
‘you stay away, little kid! You are not to
interfere with adult’s issue.’ he said
‘please leave……… Me alone, you
monster!’ Alice said trying to free herself
from his grip. He finally released her. She
moved as far as she could from him
‘you are a monster Gilbert and i will
never love you. All you do is hurt me
everytime i see you and you compare
yourself to Benjamin? Shame on you!’
she said battling with tears.
‘dont push me woman. You know what
i’m capable of’ Gilbert said as he
gnashed his teeth in anger.
‘yes i know what you are capable of.
You are capable of hurting the very
woman you claom to love! I hate you
monster’ Alice said.
‘Alice, i’m sorry, i didnt mean to hurt
you’ he said suddenly felling remorseful
as he moved closer.
‘dont come near me, if you do i will
shout!’ Alice said grabbing Felix’s hands
and moving backwards with him.
‘Alice, you know much i love you. I’m
sorry. I dont know what came over me.
Please forgive me.’ he said. Tears were
escaping from his now
‘get lost Gilbert, i dont want to ever see
you here again else i will call the police’
she said.
Gilbert begged as much as he could but
Alice didnt give him a listening ear. He
later left with anger in his heart.
The cold reception Tony got from Maria
was overwhelming. He had never seen
her behave like that before. Of course
she started bombarding him with
‘who is she huh? Just tell me her name’
Maria asked rudely
‘i dont understand you Mar….’
‘dad how could you? I trusted you. i
thought you would not do anything that
will hurt mum but i was wrong! Dad, i
will never let you disgrace mum, i will
never let you. You will not bring another
woman to this house as far as i’m
concerned and still your daughter’ she
said quickly
‘now you shut up!’ Nneka’s voice rang
out as she approached the living room

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