A second chance episode 21

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Tony hugged his mother-in-law and
exchanged little plesantries with her
before facing Maria.
‘Maria, listen to me, i didnt go on a date
so i dont know what you are talking
about.’ Tony said but Maria refused to
Nneka frowned ‘and even if he went on
a date, what is your business eh?’
‘dad will never disrespect mum, thats
how much he loved her and even if he
tries to, i will never allow that!’ she said
sternly. Tony was mad. He couldnt
believe Maria could be so rude to him or
anyone else.
‘shut up Maria. The next time you speak
to me in such a manner again, i will
make sure i deal with you!’ he said
angrily. Nneka looked at Maria in disgust
‘you are a shame and disgrace Maria. I
am disappointed in you and you also
Tony, i can see you are not doing a
good job with Maria. She has no
manners, no regards, nothing. If Naomi
was here, she wouldnt have been so ill-
mannered’ she sighed and left.
Tony looked at Maria in disappointment.
‘Maria, you just proved to me that i was
never a good father to you. Be
prepared, whenever your grandmother
leaves you go with her.’ he said and left.
Tears filled Maria’s eyes. She began to
sob quietly calling her mother’s name till
she fell asleep on the couch.
Tony relaxed on his bed thinking of the
days event. Stella occupied most of his
thoughts and Maria occupied little. He
was still deep in thoughts when he
heard a knock on the door. The door
opened slowly and Nneka entered. She
smiled at him, he smiled back.
‘so you havent slept? I just came to
check on you. ‘She sat down on his bed.
‘thanks mother. I was just about to
sleep’ Tony said
‘okay, i just wanted to speak to you
about a crucial matter. I hope you
wouldnt mind?’ she asked
‘not at all’
‘okay, are you planning to be single
forever?’ she asked. Tony looked down.
She drew closer to him.
‘look Tony, i take you as a son and
there’s no way i can stand seeing my
child in this pathetic situation and i will
not interfere’ she said. Tony kept quiet.
‘you are fourty already Tony. Its no joke.
Before you know it you are fifty. Luckily
by then Maria will be married and
settled by then. What about you? Wont
you get married eh?’ she asked.
‘its not as if i dont want to get married
but Maria doesnt want another woman
here. You saw the little stunts she pulled
a while ago right? I’m concerned about
my daughter.’ Tony said
‘you cant let a little child dictate for you
what to do with your life. Do not listen
to her and besides that girl sure needs
some discipline and i will make sure i
give her some tomorrow.’ she said.
Tony smiled ‘please, dont be too harsh
on Maria, she is just a kid.’
‘you are doing this girl no good with
the way you are training her. Be
Tony shrugged.
‘as i was saying Tony, think of yourself.’
she said and kept quiet.
‘its not as if i have not seen a lady i am
interested in but you know, i cant seem
to forget Naomi, somehow she is stuck
in my head’
‘and she will continue to get stuck in
your head if you dont choose to forget
her and move on son’
‘i saw one lady today. I am inlove with
her, she gave me her card but i’m still
contemplating whether to call her or
not because of Maria’ he said
Nneka smiled ‘make sure to call her. Its
good to know you are falling inlove for
a second time. Fate has given you a
second chance!’ she exclaimed
Nneka and Tony laughed before Nneka
wished him good night and left.
She got to her and smiled wickedly to
‘its all about to begin………’
To be continued

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