A second chance episode 23

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Tony ended the call abruptly after a date
was planned between the duo. He was
all smiles
Maria entered with a frown on her face.
She managed a greeting but Tony
completely ignored her.
‘dad, i greeted you’ she said
‘i dont want to answer! Get lost!’ Tony
barked. He didnt want anything to ruin
his mood.
Maria sobbed loudly
‘dad, this is not fair, you promised to
stand with me. You remember when
you said its you and me against the
Tony hated seeing Maria crying. He
stood up and left the sitting room for
Maria. He felt guilty. Immediately he
entered the room, his eyes fell on
Naomi’s portrait. He went pale. Even
though he was falling in love for a
second time, he still missed Naomi and
wished she was with him.
Gilbert sat in the bar gnashing his teeth
in anger. He was going to deal with
Alice for making a fool out of him. But
he loved her and wanted her with him.
What hadnt he done for her love?
Benjamin was just destined to die that
day if not he would have killed him
himself. That fateful day when Benjamin
died, he had already arranged for
assasins to kill him but luckily for him,
he died in an accident that same day.
Even though Benjamin was his good
friend, he was happy when he learnt
about his death.
All this he did for Alice and nothing
more. Even though he hated Felix, he
was ready to accept him for the sake of
Alice but why wouldnt she give him a
chance huh? He sipped his drink.
He would kill for her. Anything for his

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