A second chance episode 24

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Tony dressed up in his nice tuxedo. He
was dashingly handsome, he combed
his side beards and applied body lotion.
His nice cologne smelled everywhere.
Before leaving, told Nneka where he
was going to and she wished him all
the best.
Even when Maria asked him where he
was going to, he ignored her.
He got into his range rover sport and
drove away. After driving for a few
minutes, he saw a guy arguing with a
girl. The lady looked familiar to him. He
whined down and it was Alice. They
were arguing seriously, so he decided
to stop. He came down from the car and
greeted them. Alice recognised him at
once. Then an idea crossed her mind.
She rushed and hugged Tony. He was
suprised and so was Gilbert
‘my love, what took you so long?’ she
asked Tony looking at Gilbert’s
expressionless face.
Tony was shocked. She winked at Tony
then she faced Gilbert
‘this is the love of my life, the reason i
live. I love him so much and he loves me
too. We will soon get married and i will
make sure you are a special guest of
honour. You cant come between us so
leave!’ she said. Tony was getting the
whole story now. He laughed.
Gilbert scoffed and faced Tony
‘i will attend your funeral. I promise you
that’ he said, entered his car and
zoomed off.
Alice disengaged from Tony
‘i am sorry for the drama i put up. I
couldnt think of any other method to do
away with that guy. Thanks for coming
anyway’ she said smiling.
Tony shook his head and smiled
‘you are welcome, where are you going
to? I can drop you off’ he said.
Alice shook her head
‘no thank you, i dont want to be a
‘dont worry, you wouldnt’ he insisted
After much persuasion from Tony, she
entered his car. They chatted as they
drove. Alice was really smart and
intelligent, he was impressed.
Alice on the other hand loved the way
he spoke, laughed, joked, everything
reminds her of Benjamin. She found
herself laughing to his jokes. She was
not boring as she had thought he was.
They exchanged contacts and he
dropped her off at her destination then
he drove on. He was ten minutes late for
his date. As he approached Diamond
castle, his heart began to beat faster.
He parked the car at the parking spot
then he entered. She was sitting in the
same table she sat the other day. He
approached her with smiles.
‘hi Stella’ he greeted
she responded and they placed their
order then they started chatting. She
told him about herself. How she was
forced to get married at the age of 23.
How she divorced the man a year later
because he was an acoholic and a
womanizer. She didnt have any children.
How she travelled abroad later on and
came back five years later. How she got
a job in the oil company and so on and
so forth. They talked at lenght.
Tony told her about Naomi and Maria
and she was touched but he didnt tell
her about Maria’s current behaviour, he
didnt want to chase her away.
Stella was impressed with the fact that
for ten years, he hasnt been able to go
out with a woman until now. She was
beginning to fal in love with him and
she couldnt wait to tell whoever cared
to listen that she has found a partner!
To be continued

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