A second chance episode 26

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Alice checked her phone sfter waking
up and sa 17 missed calls fifteen from
her mother and two from her father.
She knew she was done for. She
checked the time. It was 07:56pm. She
sighed, she looked around and saw no
one, not even Felix. She went outside
the house to look for him, shouting his
name on top of her voice but he didnt
even hear her voice. She went around
looking for him but she didnt see him,
by now her heart was pounding, then
she recieved a text message on her
phone. It read;
‘I am with your darling son’ the
message read and it was from an
unknown number, she slumped………
Tony bade Stella goodbye and drove
home. He liked Stella, she was a very free
lady and talked alot, she was very smart
and she knew alot though Alice knew
more. Immediately Alice came to his
mind, he remembered Ansa, he has
spoken to him. He called him but he
didnt pick. Then he called Alice.
A stranger picked the phone, he didnt
know who but he was sure it wasnt
‘hello Alice’ he said
‘The owner of this phone just slumped
Tony drove as fast as he could. He didnt
know Alice’s house but the person who
picked the call had told him. He
disobeyed traffick rules and swerved his
car dangerously. By the time he got
there, Alice was already concious in her
apartment. She was trying to remember
what happened, she was suprised to
see Tony.
‘i was just passing when i saw this
young lady slump. She is one of our
young neighbours’ the middle-aged
woman said and left.
Tony moved closer to Alice
‘Alice, why did you suddenly slump, are
you sick?’ he asked,
Alice began to cry
‘they’ve taken him away…….’ she said
amidst sobs
Tony looked at her in confusion
‘who did they take away?’ he
To be continued

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