A second chance episode 27

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Nneka sat on her bed with her eyes as
red as hell. She stood up, walked around
the room seven times and……….
Tony felt pity for Alice, he also saw the
text message and he wondered who
could have taken the cute boy away. He
liked Felix because he was smart and
cute. Alice was crying.
‘you cant stay here alone Alice, let me
call Ansa to come over’ he said.
He dialled Ansa’s number but it wasnt
going through. He dialled it twice but it
remained same.
He walked up to Alice.
‘Ansa’s phone is not going through and
i cant leave you here alone. What do we
do? Do you have any friends or relatives
whom i can drop you off to? Your
parents’ place would do.’ he said
She shook her head. Not her parents
house, her mother would first of all
pounce on her before anything. She
wasnt ready for that. And Amy was to
spend the night in her fiaance’s house.
She shook her head in the negative.
Tony was at loss as for what to do. He
didnt want to leave Alice here alone.
‘if it is okay with you, lets go to my
house’ he said.
Alice looked at him.
‘you dont have to be afraid. My daughter
is there and so is my mother-in-law’ he
She sighed in relief. With any other guy,
she would have bluntly refused but with
Tony, she felt relief, she was at peace.
Somehow she knew Tony was a gentle
man and would never do anything to
hurt her……..
Maria watched as Tony’s car drove into
the compound slowly. She saw a lady in
the front seat and she was mad.
Tony saw the fierce look on Maria’s face
so he faced Alice.
‘just stay here for now. Let me explain
to Maria.’ he said.
‘is that Maria? She’s prettyy. Okay, i will
wait’ she said smiling despite her tears.
She was imagining how Felix would be
faring by now and how she would be
missing her.
Tony came down and approached
‘Maria, dont try anything stupid. She is
the cousin of a friend and she’s here to
spend the night’ he said.
‘so that’s the lady that wants to ruin our
family. That has made you and grandma
turn against me right?’ she asked with
so much fury in her eyes.
Tony was furious
‘Maria, you better watch your tongue,
that lady has done no wrong. She is just
here because of a circumstance.’ he said
pointing a finger at her.
Maria scoffed ‘circumstance indeed!’
Tony felt like spanking her but he
remembered Alice was watching, he
controlled himself.
‘tell Rhoda to make one of the guests
rooms ready’ he commanded as he
turned to leave.
‘no! I want to see the lady’
Tony stopped.
‘Maria, dont piss me off! I will deal with
‘do whatever you like that, i will never
allow that lady into this house today!’
she said in an authoritative tone.
‘yes dad, she wont enter this house, she
should go back to her house. As far as i
remain Maria Brown, any god d–n lady
she ranted………..
Tony looked at her…………
To be continued

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