A second chance episode 28.

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Tony lost his temper and grabbed Maria
by the neck and dragged her inside
amidst all her wails and pleas.
Alice was too engrossed in her
thoughts to even notice what was
going on between father and daughter.
Tony dropped Maria violently on the
‘Now you are going to stay here and
when that lady comes in, dont show her
how bad you can be!’ he commanded
and left.
Maria had tears in her eyes. Never
before has her father ever called her
names. She was more than determined
to put that lady in her place.
Tony headed to the car and opened the
door. He was suprised to see her crying.
He wiped her tears slowly.
‘i’m sorry’ she said
‘i understand.’
He led her inside. Maria stared daggers
at her but the fire in Tony’s eyes warned
her to be careful
‘good evening!’ she greeted like an
Alice smiled despite her tears. She
couldnt reply. Her heart was broken.
Then all of a sudden, she burst into
fresh tears.
Maria wondered what the cause of her
tears was.
‘Alice calm down, we will find your son
soon’ Tony said.
Maria was taken aback
‘son?’ she blurted,
Tony looked at her ‘yes, her son was
kidnapped today thats why i brought
her here’
Maria shook her head: this was
‘where is your grandmother?’ Tony
‘And what do you need her presence for
huh?’ Maria asked rudely.
Tony warned her with his eyes.
‘she is in her room!’ she said falling on
the sofa and concentrated on the Afican
Magic she was watching.
‘And Rhoda?’ Tony asked.
‘Dad, please let me watch this movie!’
she said rudely.
Alice looked at Tony and he was
‘go and get me Rhoda now!’ he
Maria eyed Alice, hissed loudly and left
the sitting room to call Rhoda.
‘sorry about that, she just lost her best
friend, she is still trying to get over it’
Tony lied.
Alice shook her head and she burst into
tears again.
Maria tapped Rhoda gently.
‘dad is calling you’ she said.
Rhoda nodded and was about to leave
when Maria stopped her.
‘he brought home a prostitute so dont
let her touch any thing in this house, do
you understand?’ she asked.
Rhoda was surprised. Never for once
had she seen Tony with a lady. She
nodded and left.
Maria was boiling inside of her. She
went into Nneka’s room but didnt see
her. ‘grandma! Grandma!’ she called but
got no response.
She opened the bathroom but Nneka
wasnt there.
‘she was here a while ago, where went
she?’ Maria asked. She sighed and left
the room. She was looking forward to
being alone with Alice.
Rhoda adjusted her clothing and
greeted Alice. The woman Maria
addressed as a prostitute looked to
‘Rhoda, please get her something to eat,
prepare any guest room for her to sleep
and make sure she is well taken care of,
am i understood?’ he asked.
Rhoda nodded. He smiled at Alice and
excused himself. Alice busied herself
with the ongoing soap opera. A she
was about to grab the remote, Maria
snatched it from her.
‘what the hell do you think you are
doing?’ Maria asked rudely……..
To be continued

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