A second chance episode 29

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Alice was taken aback for a moment
and before she opened her mouth to
speak, Tony came into the room in his
pyjamas. He looked at Maria’s face and
that of Alice, he knew Maria had done
the unthinkable. He couldnt find his
mouth to speak. Then he apologised
and invited her for dinner. Alice
composed herself and headed to the
dinning room with Tony. Tony shot
Maria a dangerous glance, then he
faked a smile.
Maria hissed and went to her room
Alice and Tony ate together in silence
before Tony broke the silence.
‘Do you know someone who might
want to kidnap your son?’ Tony asked.
Alice shook her head as tears formed in
her eyes again.
‘none, i can think of’ she said.
Tony smiled and held her hands.
‘Dont worry, i will contact Ansa
tomorrow and we shall find a way out.
Dont worry, i’m sure he would be safe’
Tony said.
Alice smiled despite her tears.
‘Thanks for helping me, even though we
barely know each other.’ Alice said.
They continued their meal quietly. Tony
showed Alice her room and he went to
Gilbert sulked all day and his friends
noticed it. They asked him the reason
for his shitty atitude and he explained it
was all because of Alice. He explained
everything to them and his friend
sighed loudly.
‘you’ve got quite a case bro. But she
already has a son, what do you still need
her for. Or its just for the fun of it?’
Collins asked.
‘i love Alice, i really do. I couldnt stop
thinking about her, to think, i divorced
Vanessa all because of her, i dont know
why she keeps rebuffing me.’ he said
obviously in pains.
Collins nodded and looked at Dave.
‘why not try putting her in a family way,
i mean that will make her come to you’
Dave suggested.
Gilbert shook his head
‘i have tried that so many times, she
doesnt let me’ Gilbert said.
His friends laughed.
‘if she doesnt want you to do it the nice
way, then do it the rough way, afterall,
she isnt a virgin is she?’ Collins asked.
‘what do you mean?’ asked a confused
Gilbert. ‘should i rape her?’ he asked.
His friends nodded in unison.
‘but how would i go about it, she is
dating one fresh looking dude like that’
Gilbert said.
‘Gilbert, there’s only one way to go
about it. I am telling you this out of
experience, how do you think i made
Chidinma marry me?’ Dave asked.
‘is it juju?’ Gilbert asked.
Dave rebuked it.
‘i will never do jass. Look, listen to me. I
am sure this will work out well’ he said.
Collins shook his head.
Then Dave continued.
‘kidnap Alice and rape her, she will get
pregnant by fire by force. Then it will be
like magic’
To be cont

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