A second chance episode 3

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She expected him to get mad at her. She
looked around the supermarket and
was pleased with the number of people
she saw around at least they had save
her if he tries to hurt her.
To her suprise, he just smiled at her and
did his shopping. He even paid for her
‘are you pretending to be nice or you
are really a nice guy huh?’ she had
asked him.
‘thank you. Thats what you should have
said. You have so many flaws young
lady. Firstly you dont know how to say
sorry and now you cant say thank you.’
he said and shook his head. She scoffed
and said
‘do i need to say thank you to someone
like you? Oh i forgot that an arrogant
person like you……’
He dragged her to his side and she
rested on his chest. She struggled out of
his grip.
‘what the hell do you think you are
doing?’ she asked.
‘you should be thankful again. That bike
man would have hit you if i hadnt
dragged you’ he said and she looked
back and saw a man on the floor. He
had aa few scratches and his bike was a
little damaged.
She looked back to him but he wasnt
there. She saw his car leaving his
One day, she saw a vacancy board in
front of a company who needed a
secretary. She badly needed the job. She
went into the company to submit her
‘you really are lucky to have come to
submit your CV today.today is the
interview as well. Sit at the reception.
The interview starts in ten minutes.’ a
chubby looking woman said.
Alice was glad. She must have been the
luckiest woman in the world.
‘thank you madam’ she said
Fifteen minutes later, she heard her
name being called.
‘Alice Tarulba, go over to the interview
She nodded and walked briskly to the
interview room. A guy was sitting with
some files in front of him on a
comfortable three seater.
‘you!’ she said pointing a finger at him.
He raised his head up and was equally

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