A second chance episode 30

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Alice woke up due to the loud and rude
knock on the door. She thought it was
Tony but the time said 2:30am. What
would he be looking for her for?
‘Come in’ she said standing up incase of
any action.
Maria entered with fiery eyes on her
face. Alice was shocked.
‘you ought to be sleeping’ she said to
‘and so should you, anyways how can
you sleep, when you are busy thinking
of how to snatch another woman’s
husband!’ Maria said fiercely.
Alice was shocked.
‘i dont get you……..’
‘shuuu, please, dont give me that crap!
Like you dont know what i’m talking
about. Listen here, i know you are my
father’s mistress and you want to marry
him, i will never let you, mark my words,
husband snatcher!’ Maria said.
Alice couldnt believe her ears.
‘sweetie, what are……..’
‘are you crazy? Oh! I understand, just
because my father has promised you
marriage, you now think of yourself as
my step mother huh? Stay away from
my father do you understand? And my
father should not hear a word of this,
else…. You will be a gonner!’ Maria
Alice frowned
‘who are you?’ Alice asked. She didnt
take insults at least not from a little imp
like Maria.
‘his daughter, and you?’ Maria asked
sarcastically ‘i dont want to see your
stinking a-s in this house tomorrow. I
am warning you, you wouldnt like what
i’d do to you. I swear’ Maria said, eyed
her and left the room. Alice hissed.
She was shocked. Now she understood
why Tony refused to marry again. But
why was he succumbing to Maria’s
stupidity. She was lucky she (Maria) did
not have someone like her mother, Kofo,
she would have been dead. The thought
of that alone made her laugh a little.
Then she remembered Felix, she started
crying again.
Tony couldnt sleep that night, he was
thinking about Maria and Stella and how
he was going to introduce Stella to her
without putting up a fight. Maria was
becoming a pin in the a-s. He was
thinking of sending her away maybe
overseas to study for a while but he
kicked against it. He so much cherished
Maria and loved her despite everything
she did. He couldnt think of life without
his beloved daughter but still…… He was
confused. Then he remembered he
hadnt seen Nneka since. Where had she
gone to? He decided to go check on her.
He peeped into her room and saw her
sleeping peacefully. He sighed and went
back to his room. He had two sms. One
from Stella and the other from Alice.
Alice! Why hadnt she slept, maybe she is
crying again and needs someone to
console her. He felt her pains. When
Maria was five, she was kidnapped and
Naomi almost ran mad.
He opened het text message which
‘pls i want to see you for a while’
To be continued

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