A second chance episode 37

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Alice looked at Tony, he returned the
‘you need to go with your mum’ he said.
He was getting tired.
He had called his secretary earlier and
cancelled all his appointments.
He needed to rest. Have time for Stella
and think of how to deal with Maria.
Alice was becoming a burden and
Ansa’s line wasnt going through…
‘she doesnt need me here’ she said.
‘then where else will you go?’
she looked at him.
‘just take me home. You’ve tried already,
thanks for everything’.
Tony sighed. There was silence between
them for about ten minutes. Then he
broke it.
‘your house isny safe for you. Dont you
have a friend?’
‘just take me home’
She didnt want to bother Amy. She was
her only friend.
Tony managed to control his anger.
‘Alice, i…….’
‘dont worry, i understand. I can be a
burden sometimes’ she said and
Her laugh reduced his anger.
He laughed too.
She loved the way he laughed. She was
drawn to him.
‘goodbye’ she said and came down.
Tony whined down the glass.
‘just speak to her. She is your mother,
she cant stay angry with you forever’ he
said and winked at her.
She smiled and waved at him.
He drove away.
She walked gently into the house.
She prayed for her father to be around
She met Kofo in tears in the sitting
Immediately Kofo saw her, she sprang
on her feet and pounced on her. Then
without another word, she ran inside.
Alice fought her tears. She didnt want to
cry. No she wasnt going to cry.
But it hurts.
Her mother was hurting her.
She went inside. She passed her parents
All she heard was her mother sobbing.
Settled, her father was not home.
She went into her room. Everything was
the way she left it.
She fell on her bed. Tears fell from her
eyes. She soon slept off.
By the time she opened her eyes, it was
already evening.
She checked the time and it was already
seven minutes past 7pm.
She wondered where Felix was.
She was very hungry, she hadnt had
anything to eat since.
She was afraid of stepping out for fear
of her mother.
She came out after ten minutes.
She looked aroung before heading to
the kitchen.
She saw Angela cooking.
‘hi, Alice. Its been a while’ she said
Alice smiled.
‘yes, it has. Any edibles?’
Angela handed a piece of cheese cake
to her. She was really glad to see Alice
Alice looked at Angela. What was she
still doing here? Her mate were getting
married yet she decided to stay and be
a house maid.
She was a year older than Alice. Yes she
was thirty and had no plans of getting
She had been their housemaid for ten
good years.
‘Angela, whats up?’
‘fine ooo. You’ve refused to vist us’
‘its not like that. I was never chanced’
‘oh, yeah. So tell me, have you gotten a
‘no, still searching’
‘your mother is really angry with you’
‘i know’
‘good you know. When did you arrive?’
‘three hours ago’
‘i must have gone to the market by that
Alice looked around the kitchen.
Nothing has changed.
Then her eyes travelled to a door
adjacent to the kitchen.
That door, she had never crossed
through that door before.
For some reasons best known to him,
their father had seriously warned every
one not to go close to that door, even
Kofo was not allowed.
It was always locked and only him had
access to that room.
Alice had been curious about that room.
She really wanted to know what was
inside that their father was actually
hiding from them.
But she dared not disobey her father.
‘Angii, have you ever entered that
room?’ she asked.
She was fond of calling Angela, Angii.
‘no, i have never been allowed to enter.’
Angela replied.
To be continued

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