A second chance episode 38

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Fred was very surprised to see Alice
again. They hugged and exchanged
pleasantries. Fred Tarulba was so fond
of his daughter Alice and Alice seemed
to get along more with Fred more than
Infact she never got along with Kofo.
She regarded Kofo as a very strict
mother while Fred was very loving and
Alice spent the night at her parents’
without seeing her mother and she was
Tony retired home after sharing a drink
with Kenneth.
He had shared his problems with him.
Maria was his problem now. How was
he going to introduce Stella to Maria?
Kenneth told him to be very careful with
Maria and do not hesitate to spank her
whenever the need arises.
That was his mistake, he thought. He
should have corrected her mistakes
before he got to this extent.
He slept off with a burden in this heart.
Rhoda’s mind was faraway as she sliced
the vegetables for super.
What was that laugh for? Why was light
flooding the room the moment she
peeped. It still remained a mystery.
Nneka’s tap jerked her back to the
‘why is super taking so long?’ Nneka
‘so…so…sorry ma. It will be ready in no
time’ Rhoda stammered.
Nneka looked at her suspiciously.
‘were you at my room today?’ she
‘no…no ma. I didnt go close to your
room’ Rhoda said as she smiled.
Nneka shrugged and left.
She went to Maria’s room. She didnt
bother to knock, she just opened the
Maria was reading one of harlequin’s
romance novels for that was her best.
Immediately she saw Nneka, she sat up,
muttered a quick greeting then faced
the book.
‘Maria’ Nneka called gently.
‘yes?’ Maria asked her eyes still on her
‘look at me’
Maria dropped the book and looked at
‘Maria, what happened to us? How did
we suddenly become cat and rat
overnight huh?’ Nneka asked.
She sounded mild. If only Maria knew
what she was up to.
‘i should be asking you that question’
Maria said and hissed.
For the sake of her mission, she let that
one slide.
Since Naomi’s initiation failed, Maria’s
own must work. She will see to that.
To be continued

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