A second chance episode 4

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‘are you Alice Tarulba?’ he asked.
‘yes and why are you here? Do you want
to steal, i will call the receptionist
immediately’ she said and he laughed.
‘you are funny, arent you? This is my
company i run this company’ he said.
She looked at him in disgust.
‘arent you too young to run a
company?’ she asked
‘your credentials are okay you know.
You might want an aptitude test’ he
said ‘sit down’ and she did.
‘i am going to make it oral. Your test
goes this way. Why are you so arrogant
miss Alice Tarulba?’ he asked
‘if you can answer my question correctly
She stood up immediately ‘excuse me, i
am here for an interview, not to play!’
‘calm down miss Tarulba. Goodness
you’ve got such a temper. I will give you
the job alright?’ he asked and she
became shocked.
‘i will give you the job i say’
‘oh thank you. God bless you, you are
the messiah.’ shetr thanked him over
and over again.
Alice smiled to herself as she
remembered these events. Something
she would cherish and never forget as
far as she lives. The memories with
Benjamin was something she would
always cherish.
When she was employed as the
secretary, she realised that Benjamin
was not as bad as she thought.
True she was an arrogant lady, she
hardly ever says sorry or appreciate
anything one does for her but Benjamin
changed her, he changed her life.
To be continued

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