A second chance episode 43

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‘oh no!’ Alice exclaimed, she quickly
reached for the door handle and locked
it immediately without even looking
‘be more careful next time son!’ Alice
‘sorry mummy’
Tony decided to take the day off. He
stayed at home throughout that day.
He was resting in his bedroom when a
knock appeared in his door.
‘come in’
The door opened slowly and Nneka
entered with a smile on her face.
‘hi, mother’ he said as he sat up.
‘you didnt go to work today?’
‘just wanted to take the day off jare’
‘okay oo. Hope you’ve eaten sha?’
‘yes i have. Are you going out. I can see
your shopping bag’ Tony said.
‘yes, i’m going out. By the way have you
seen Maria? Today is saturday and she’s
nowhere to be found’
Tony sighed. Oh Maria!
‘i havent seen her’ he said.
‘hmm, thats serious. Its obvious you
dont punish her at all’
‘that was my mistake. But i promise to
make things right’
‘its too late son’
‘i failed as a father’
‘no you didnt son. Dont worry i will
speak to her’ she said.
She stood contemplating whether or
not to bring the issue of the girl he
brought home the other day.
She smiled ‘okay Tony, let me go’
‘okay bye’ Tony said as she left.
Madam Nneka flagged down a taxi at
the bus stop. She didnt want to go with
a car. She wanted it to be private.
She stopped in front of CC camp.
She paid the cab and went inside.
She saw Fred sitting patiently close to
the window. Her heart bled. How was
she to kill the only daughter of Fred, her
Yes, she and Fred were in a relationship
in her university days. They loved each
other very much and would have gotten
married if not for their incompatible
genotypes. As and As.
They broke up later on. They met again
two years later. Nneka was about to get
married then, meeting Fred again
brought back lost feelings.
Despite her marriage being few weeks
away, she had a relationship with him.
Even after getting married and giving
birth to Naomi, she still had a secret
affair with Fred. She was cheating on
her husband she knew but she didnt
care at all.
She soon found out she was pregnant
again and she knew very well it
belonged to Fred and not her husband.
She had to terminate it without her
husband’s knowledge and even Fred’s.
That didnt stop her from going out with
Fred. Her own marriage was on the
verge of collapsing but she didnt care.
It was the time Fred decided to get
married that she had to quit the
ungodly relationship.
She couldnt count the number of times
she tried to take Kofo’s life, both
spiritually and physically. She wanted
Fred alone. She wasnt willing to share.
After the birth of Alice, she blocked
Kofo’s womb to stop her from getting
pregnant again.
It was when she attempted to take little
Alice’s life that she realised that both
she and Fred belonged to the same cult.
Fred soon fell in love with Kofo after
marriage and warned Nneka to stay
away from him and his new family.
Truth be told she was hurt. She never
stopped loving him. She loved her
husband too but it could never compare
to that which she had for Fred.
They didnt see physically again until
now. They only met in the spiritual
realm of the cult members and they
both worked paripasu for Queen
She hated Alice and Kofo but she
couldnt afford to kill anyone of them.
She knew Fred loved them and would
be in pains if he loses one of them and
she couldnt stand seeing the man she
loves in pains. Thats how much she
loved him.
How funny, a grandmother in love!
‘hi’ Fred said on seeing her.
‘hi’ she replied politely.
‘have a seat’
‘of course’
‘so why did you request to see me?’
Fred asked not smiling.
‘ah-ah Fred. We’ve been friends for
more than fourty years, cant we just
hang out together?’ she said.
Fred stood up.
‘i have no time for pleasure, i have to
take my leave now!’ he said as he
turned to leave.
‘okay wait. I have something to tell you’
she said.
He sat down again and cleared his
‘its been a while’
‘i know’
‘i was given an assignment to carry out’
‘i know’
‘i’m really sorry for everything i did in
the past. I attempted to take away
Kofo’s life, forgive me’ She was sobbing
‘its okay. Its in the past now, so what do
you want to tell me?’
‘nothing, i just wanted to apologise and
make up for all the wrongs i did to your
family. I wanted us to be family friends’
Nneka said as she wiped her tears
withe back of her hand.
Fred studied her for a while. Nneka was
sure up to something and he must find
out. He will meet with Queen Lateefa
today to find out what the Queen of
serpents, Nneka was planning.
He knew her. She was a green snake
under a green grass.
‘i’m sorry Nneka. I dont want my family
to have anything to do with you’ He
stood up and left.
Nneka watched the man she loved go
away. Again she got rejected!
To be continued

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