A second chance episode 45

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The room was very dark. There was no
light. Fred strolled into the room and
blew the red and black candles on.
The candles were on what looked like
an alter.
In the alter was a pot containing blood.
There was a table in the middle of the
Then there was human skulls and
skeletons scattered all over the room.
On the wall hung skeletons of crocodiles
and lizards. Then there was a black
garmet with red scarf hung on the wall
Fred reached for it and put it on.
Then he drank some blood from the pot
and then sat on the alter.
There was a mirror in the middle so he
sat in front of it. There was also a pot
beside it emitting black smoke.
‘Queen Lateefa, the queen of oceans
and the queen of all queens’ he
Queen Lateefa appeared and sat in front
of the mirror.
Seeing her, he immediately knelt down.
She used her staff to hit him gently on
the back and he rose.
‘what do you need me for?’ she asked.
‘i know. Because of Nneka. Hahahahaha’
she said amidst laughter.
‘yes my queen’

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