A second chance episode 47

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Alice felt her heart beat faster as she
pressed the door bell. Rhoda who was
in the kitchen left what she was doing
and went for the door.
She was surprised to see the damsel her
master had brought home the other
day. She had been charmed by her
beauty the other day but today she
looked more beautiful in her tight
amani jeans and a white lacy top, red
small purse and a red casual slippers.
Her hair was smooth and well packed
and her Tom-ford black orchid was
perfuming the air.
‘good morning ma’ Rhoda greeted.
‘good morning. Is Tony home?’ she
‘yes ma, come in ma’ Rhoda said
ushering Alice in.
‘let me inform him of your presence’
Rhoda said and left.
Alice sat on the sofa. In less than five
minutes time, Tony walked in dressed in
black chinox and a red polo.
He was dressed so casually, one will
know he wasnt ready for work that day.
‘Tony good morning’ Alice said rising on
her feet.
Tony smiled at her and returned her
‘i was actually expecting you this
morning’ Tony said with a smile.
Alice laughed a little.
‘lies!’ she said.
‘i’m serious’
‘then you must be a prophet!’
‘i am’
They laughed.
They spent quality time together and
they found out they really loved each
other’s company.
Alice left by 12noon leaving Tony alone
in his thoughts.
He picked hid phone and dialled Stella’s
‘sweetheart, are you still going to throw
your birthday party?’ Abby asked a
confused Maria.
‘i dont know Abby, i and my dad are not
in talking terms right now so i’m not
really sure that the party will really hold’
Maria said with a puzzled face.
‘calm down dear. Your birthday is still
two months away. Before then, look for
ways to make up with your dad. You
quarelling like cats and rats wont solve
a thing.’ Abby said with an encouraging
‘by the way. Whats keeping Susan, just
to go and get snacks from the canteen
is taking her more than thirty minutes.’
Maria said.
‘she now has a boyfriend you know’
Abby said and Maria chuckled.
‘who is he? Chuks?’
‘yes ooo. We are the only ones left out
now oo’
‘dont worry, your heart throb will soon
ask you out’
‘get out jor!’ Abby barked and Maria
‘just say it, you love Henry dont you?’
‘to hell with you. As if i dont know that
you are dying for Henry too’ Abby said
and chuckled.
Maria laughed. ‘he was my crush Abby
not longer’
‘abeg fash jor! Miss pretender’
‘eh, make e be’ Maria said and they
laughed out loud.
Tony sat down on his bed figuring out
what to wear to work the next day
when a light knock appeared on his
‘come in’
The door gave way slowly and Maria
walked in.
‘what is it? Have you come to tell me
what to do and what not to do in my
own house?’ Tony said.
Maria fell on her knees immediately.
‘i’m sorry dad. I am really sorry for being
rude these past few days, i dont know
what came over me, please forgive me’
Maria said sobbing quietly. ‘it will never
happen again’
Maria cried the more. Tony looked at his
angel, his beautiful daughter, he took
her in his arms.
Days turned into weeks and weeks into
months as Tony and Alice kept getting
closer and Tony and Stella’s relationship
were at its c—-x. They loved each other
like hell.
Meanwhile, the occultists (Nneka and
Fred) remained on the low key.
A contract took Gilbert out of town for
the time being.
As Alice and Tony’s friendship grew, she
began to feel funny whenever she was
around him, she was falling for him.
To be continued

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