A second chance episode 5

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Even her parents and folks were
surpriced and began to idolise
Benjamin. Before anyone could spell
Jack, Benjamin started courting her. He
loved her and she loved him.
Then he proposed to her and she
accepted. A week to their wedding, he
took her for shopping and on their way
back, they got into an accident. The
windglass got broken and Benjamin
had used his body to cover her to
prevent the broken glass from hitting
her and it pierced him. She had shouted
and taken him to the hospital but he did
not make it, he died.
She could still remember his last words
‘i…….love you Alice. Take care’ he
breathed his last.
How she cried then.
She realised she was sobbing aloud like
he just died. He’s been gone for six
years now but she hadnt stopped
thinking about him even for a moment.
Ever since Benjamin died, she lost her
smile. Nothing could make her happy.
She couldnt remember the last time she
laughed aloud.
Benjamin would never have wanted her
to be so saf and moody over his death.
She tried to be happy but she just
couldnt. She just couldnt smile at all.
Tony Brown knocked loudly on Maria’s
door. He could hear little sobs from
inside and he was sure it was from
‘Maria dearie pls open the door, i beg of
you pls’ he said as he tried to open the
She finally opened the door. Her eyes
were puffy. On her bed laid pictures of
late Naomi. Now he knew the reason
she was crying. He hugged her and
wiped her tears.
‘stop cying my dear, all will be well soon’
Tony said. He too couldnt stop himself
from cdropping a tear.
‘daddy, i miss mummy, i miss her so
much. Today marks ten years of her
demise’ she said releasing herself from
her father’s hold.
Tony shook his head. He had been
moody throughout in the office but he
didnt know why. Now he knew the
reason. He couldnt stop thinking of
To be continued

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