A second chance episode 50

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‘what?!’ Alice asked in surprise
‘what are you doing here?’ she asked in
utmost surprise.
‘hi love, surprised to see me again?’
Gilbert asked.
‘GILBERT!’ she shouted.
She never expected to see him again
after disappearing for two good
months. Anyways, he has disappeared
for six years before and showed up
‘how much you must have missed me
my love’ he said still smiling.
‘get lost!’ Alice said.
‘i did. And i’m back’
‘why cant you just let me live my life the
way i want it Gilbert?’
‘i love you Alice and thats what matters’
‘you are wrong. The fact that i dont feel
the same way matters the most. I hate
you Gilbert!’
Those words made Gilbert feel
humiliated. He grabbed Alice forcefully
by the arm and dragged her to his car
amidst her protest.
‘let me go! B—–d, where are you taking
me to?’
Gilbert smacked her twice on the face.
‘shut up! I swear you will pay for all you
just said!’ he said angrily.
Alice winced in pain. She raised her
hand to return the slap but he was
He opened the door of the car and tried
forcing her inside, Alice was still strong
enough to protest.
That voice was not a joke. Whoever
could order him like that meant
‘i plan on telling my dad about my
birthday party tonight’ Maria said.
‘you’ve finally made up’ Abby said.
‘since now!’ Maria said.
‘so how will your birthday party look
like now?’ Susan asked in excitement.
‘like the cinderella ball!’ Abby interjected
and they laughed.
‘i want to grand party like seriously. And
i want all the guys in school to attend’
Maria said proudly.
‘guys like……Henry?’ Abby asked
Maria frowned.
‘Abby, stop rubbish for once in your life
now ah-ah’ Susan said trying to
suppress her laughter.
‘Susan, shebi you get Henry number?’
Abby asked.
‘sure now. Henry is Chuks bestie’ Susan
said absent mindedly. Not until Maria
and Abby laughed loudly that she
realised what she just said.
‘its…its not what you think…’
‘ogbeni, shut up jor!’ Maria said amidst
‘love in Tokyo’ Abby said.
‘no now, its Love in Holy Mary
International School’ Maria said.
She and Abby laughed the more. Susan
‘you guys are sick!’ she fired in regret.
The last thing she wanted was her
friends mockery.
‘abeg you guys should stop!’ she said.
‘you heard her, she said stop! Abby,
stop eyeing her Chuks ooo, she said you
should stop!’ Maria said playfully.
Abby frowned.
‘which kind nonsense be this now.
Wetin i wan find for Chuks body now?’
Abby asked.
‘at least everyone of us got our own
dosage of anger’ Maria asked as the
laughter subsided.
‘una dey craze oo’ Susan said.
‘that reminds me, have you heard
anything from your step mother?’ Maria
‘no ooo. That one dey her lane since.
What of that s–t your father brought
home the other day?’ Susan asked.
‘ah! That one never near this house
again. The warning i gave her sounded
in her ears. I hope your dad has not
brought another one?’ Maria asked.
‘no oo. Ever since Ann left, no woman
don craze enter that house!’ Susan said
and they laughed.
‘excuse me guys, whats wrong in your
father bringing a lady home?’ Abby
‘na you dey talk like this?’ Maria asked.
‘yes, cos with the way you both are
saying this is as if you will kill you
father’s wife’ Abby said.
‘yes, i will kill the s–t who dares step her
foot here!’ Maria said.
‘enough of this madness Maria! You’ve
gone mad!’ Abby said.
‘Abby, are you talking to me like that?’
Maria said.
‘you’ve said this before and i didnt
believe you. Are you an enemy of
progress? Why wont you father get
married?’ Abby asked.
‘because he shouldnt!’ Susan chipped in.
They all turned around to see who said
To be cont

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