A second chance episode 52

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Tony looked at the anxiety on Maria’s
face, then to that of her two friends.
Nneka was also there and so was
‘what exactly happened?’ Tony asked.
The girls were frightened and refused
to speak up.
‘you girls should talk or have tyou
turned deaf?’ Nneka asked angrily.
‘okay, i will talk,’ Susan said still
‘we were chatting in Maria’s room when
all of a sudden, we had a sudden
strange voice from nowhere asking us
why, then a laughter and breeze
followed and…..’
‘why did the voice ask you why?’ Nneka
‘i dont know and….’
‘shut up!’ barked Nneka angrily.
‘your story lacks backbone. If you think
that i am going to sit here and listen to
this folktale story of yours, then you are
all jokers!’ Nneka said, grabbed her
handbag and left the house.
Maria started crying, hell knows why.
‘what really happened Maria?’ Tony
asked again.
‘i….i dont know. But we all heard a
strange voice’
‘what strange voice is that?’ Tony asked
in utter confusion.
‘i dont know’ Maria said crying the
‘okay, calm down. I’m sure it was all a
figment of your imaginations’ Tony said.
‘no sir.’ Abby spoke up for the first time.
‘i beg to disagree, that cant possibly be
the figment of our imaginations. We all
heard it plain and clear!’
‘ah-ah, this is strange. Rhoda, did you
hear any voice?’ he asked.
‘no sir, i heard nothing’ Rhoda replied
‘so you are saying that no such thing
happened right?’ Tony asked.
‘yes sir’ Rhoda asked.
‘shut up!’ Maria fired.
‘dad she is lying!’ Maria said.
‘now you shut the hell up Maria. I dont
know whatever scheme you and your
friends planned, but let me sound this
warning to you. Today should be the
first and last that any of you will come
to my house and form stupid stories
about magic, am i understood?’ Tony
‘but dad…..’
‘i’m i understood?’ Tony asked.
‘yes dad’ Maria replied relunctantly while
Tony stormed out of the sitting room.
‘yuck! Maria, your house is a scary one!’
Abby said as she ran out.
‘i think so too’ and Susan left.
To be cont

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