A second chance episode 56

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‘so whats your plan?’ Dave asked.
‘i know just what to do, no need to ask’
Gilbert said with a wicked grin.
‘anyways whatever you do just know
who your rival is. Tony Brown isnt
someone you should mess with’ Collins
said sternly.
‘common man, i know just what to do. I
wont go face to face but i will eat him
up from inside’ Gilbert said.
‘dont say we didnt warn you. I still insist
that you should let Alice go’ Collins said.
‘you dont know what i, Gilbert is
capable of’
‘lets watch a movie or something’ Tony
said after a long awkward silence
between them.
‘oh, yeah. But i dont have any movie
here’ Alice said.
‘then lets do something else. Its boring’
Tony said.
‘lets play hide and seek then!’ Alice said.
‘in your house?’ Tony laughed. ‘i will
never find you!’
‘oh really, why and try first huh?’ Alice
said and ran away.
‘hey! Stop there!’ Tony said as he ran
after her.
They practically ran around the whole
house. From the room to the kitchen, to
the bathroom, to the balcony and all.
Alice fell on the sofa panting heavily.
Tony stopped and looked at her also
breathing fast.
‘you, Alice are a troublemaker!’ he said
and Alice laughed.
‘you havent seen anything yet. Come
here’ Alice said and beckoned on him to
come over.
Like a robot, Tony came over and sat
next to her. She rested her head on his
chest and breathed fast.
Tony gently stroked her hair and she
Then she raised her head up and like
someone possessed by some unknown
power, kissed him.
Tony responded gently and before they
could spell a word, they were kissing
with so much ferocity.
Alice loved it and she didnt want it to
end but however Tony brought the kiss
to an end.
‘i’m sorry’ he said and looked away
‘no, i’m the one sorry here’ Alice replied.
Tony nodded and touched her chin.
Alice held hid hands and looked at him
affectionately. What happened next?
To be cont

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