A second chance episode 59

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‘Stella?’ Tony screamed.
Stella jumped dowm from where she
was riding on in shock.
‘what? Tony!’ she screamed.
Her partner reached for the blanket and
covered his nakedness.
Tony watched them in awe as Stella
reached for her gown to cover her
nakedness too.
He didnt know why he was not the least
angry, he was just shocked.
‘Tony…..its…not what you think, i can
explain’ Stella said.
‘please do’ Tony said. There was no
trace of anger in his voice. He sounded
calm and gentle.
Stella jumped down from the bed and
fell on his feet and cried.
‘Tony, i love you. I really do. Please
forgive me’ Stella said in tears.
‘but you cheated’ Tony said.
‘sorry man. It was all my mistake’ Her
partner spoke for the first time.
‘and is also your mistake that she was
riding on you. It wasnt rape. I would
have thought so if you were on her’
Tony said.
‘forgive me please. I love you so much’
Stella said.
‘you know what Stella, i just realised
that what we had wasnt love at all’ Tony
‘no baby, it was love. I love you’ Stella
‘i just realised that i just had a crush on
you all along. It took me two months to
realise that’ Tony said.
‘no Tony, you are wrong!’ Stella said
trying to believe her ears.
‘man, take things slowly. She loves you
so much, she told me so’ her partner
‘she must have told you alot of things’
Tony said.
‘Tony, listen to me. You are the love of
my life. I love you more than anything’
Stella said.
‘i dont know if i truly love you Stella. Only
time will tell’ Tony said.
‘you are lying dear and you know!’ Stella
‘i wish i was. Stella please……’
‘i didnt know what came over me, i’ve
never cheated on you. Tony believe me.
Today is my first. And i regret it’ Stella
‘but i dont regret mine’ Tony said.
‘we are even Stella. I cheated too’ Tony
‘what?!’ Stella said.
‘but i dont regret it. I dont even know
why. And if given a second chance, i will
repeat the same act’ Tony said and left.
Stella fainted.
To be continued…..

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