A second chance episode 6

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He had missed Naomi so much and
everyday he yearned for her and so did
Maria. She couldnt stay a day without
telling anyone who cared to listen how
good a mother she had. Maria had even
begged Tony to cahange her name to
Naomi, she wanted to bear her mother’s
name. She had begged Tony to keep her
late mother’s clothes for her to wear
when she had grown up. Even though
the clothes were old fashioned now,
she still wore them from time to time.
Maria was Tony’s precious jewel, he
would do anything to make her happy.
He wasnt able to treasure Naomi for so
long but he vowed to treasure Maria,
the only child Naomi bore for him.
Naomi died during child birth. She was
giving birth to Tony’s second child but
she died in the process, the baby also
dying in the process,
‘dad will i ever see mum again?’ Maria
asked. The most stupid question ever.
‘no my dear, but just know that she still
lives in you, my love’ he managed to say
‘i want to see mum again. Even though
its been ten years since her demise, i
still remember all the memories we
shared together’ Maria said.
Tony used his sleeve to wipe her tears.
‘dad you must promise me that no
woman will ever take mum’s place in
your heart. Please do not bring another
woman here.’ she said facing her dad
with tears filled eyes.
Tony smiled and shook his head
‘i promise you Maria’.He said as she
smiled and hugged him dearly,
The telephone rang and Rhoda picked it
‘hello there. Its Tony Brown’s house’ she
said immediately she picked the call.
‘hello Rhoda, is Tony or Maria ther?’ the
caller asked.
‘yes but who is this?’
‘its me, Maria’s maternal grand mother’.
‘oh yes ,madam, good day madam’.
‘can you please pass the phone to either
my granddaughter or Tony?’
‘okay ma, sir Tony is not around now
but hang on, i will call Maria’ Rhoda said,
placed the call on hold and headed for
Maria’s room.
‘Maria your grandmother is on the line’
she announced.
‘why didnt you knock’ Maria retorted.
‘i’m sorry Maria. I thought you were…….’
‘lets go’ Maria interrupted and they both
walked out of her room.
To be continued

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