A second chance episode 64

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Abby answered the door and saw Maria.
‘geez! Maria, what took you so long?’
Abby asked as she ushered her in.
‘my dad. I dont know whats wrong with
that man. Its because he’s already left
for work thats why i came’ Maria said.
‘okay’ Abby said and sat close to her.
‘where’s your uncle?’ Maria asked.
‘oh! Let me call him for you’ Abby said
and left.
Maria relaxed on the sofa. In less than
five minutes, Abby came out with
‘good afternoon sir’ she said as she sat
‘good afternoon dear, how are you?’
‘i’m fine sir’
‘Abby, please excuse us’ Gilbert said.
Alice and Tony went for lunch at exactly
2pm and Alice decided to use that
chance to ask Tony about what
happened earlier.
‘uhm Tony, what happened between
you and your girlfriend?’ Alice asked.
Tony laughed.
‘what do you want to know?’ he asked.
Alice looked at her toes.
Tony touched her chin playfully.
‘well, we are over’ Tony said.
Alice didnt know when she smiled to
herself but she quickly frowned.
‘what happened?’ she asked.
‘dont worry. I dont want to talk about it.
Have you heard from Ansa?’ Tony asked
in an attempt to change the topic.
‘nope. I dont really know whats wrong
with that guy. He left for the US without
telling us. He called back a month later
and told us he’s out of town but since
then, i’ve not heard from him’ Alice said
and sighed.
‘well, i will be going to US next week
with my daughter for her shopping for
her coming birthday party’ Tony said.
‘wow! Are you really going to go to US
for just shopping which can be done
anywhere around Nigeria?’ Alice asked
in surprise.
‘Maria wouldnt shop if it isnt US. Do you
want to come along?’ Tony asked.
Alice laughed a little.
‘you never cease to amaze me Tony.
How do you expect me to follow you as
what? Your girlfriend or what? Abeg oo’
Alice said and Tony laughed.
‘go jor! Do you want to caome along?
Just say yes’
‘but…what about my work?’ Alice asked.
Tony gave her a knowing look and she
‘i forgot that you are the boss here’ she
‘now good. Do you want to come?’ Tony
‘isnt that wierd? Besides, its more
expenses?’ Alice said.
Tony laughed.
‘i’d take that for a yes then’
Alice smiled.
‘have you ever left the country?’ Tony
‘nope. But Benjamin and i planned our
honeymoon to be in Hawaii’ Alice said.
‘oops! Sorry’
‘about what?’
Tony used his finger to scoop a little
quantity of ice cream and rubbed it on
Alice’s cheek.
Alice retaliated and guess what? They
were chasing each other like lovebirds
in the canteen leaving people looking at
them in wonder
Nneka opened the door to Maria’s room.
Flung her wardrobe open and brought
out that jeans that she had used to hide
whatever she kept there two months
She removed it from the jeans, spat on it
then hid it back. She opened her drawer
and took an earring with her, then she
went to Tony’s room, picked a tee shirt
and left for her room then she invoked
the spirit of queen Lateefa and when
she came, she handed the things to her.

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