A second chance episode 65

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‘my son,’ Nneka called during dinner.
‘yes ma?’ Tony answered.
‘do you know anyone by name called
Alice?’ Nneka asked.
Maria raised her head up, then brought
it down.
‘yes i do’ Tony replied.
Maria smiled ‘that b—h’ she murmured
to herself.
‘who is she to you?’ Nneka asked.
‘a friend’ Tony replied.
‘a friend indeed’ Maria said to herself.
‘hmm, have i see her before?’ Nneka
‘she has spent the night here before but
you didnt get to meet her’ Tony said.
Nneka looked at him with suspicious
‘are you sure that this isnt a friendship
with benefits?’ Nneka asked.
Tony chuckled.
‘haba mama, she is just a friend’ Tony
‘and when do i get to see this special
friend of yours father?’ Maria asked
with a smile on her face.
Tony regarded her for a while.
‘the last time i checked, you hate female
visitors. So why do you want to see this
one? Need i remind you that its a she’
Tony said.
‘come on dad, i i have changed. Right
now i realise that i have been selfish all
along’ Maria said.
Tony looked at her in joy, then he
hugged her, something he hasnt done
for long now.
‘thanks Maria and i’m really sorry for
being too hard on you’ Tony said.
‘its no problem dad, i was a selfish brat’
Maria said.
‘hmm, seems madam Maria has become
more reasonable. You are lucky, very
lucky’ Nneka said.
Of course no one understood what she
meant by being lucky, only she did.
‘so when will i see her?’ Maria asked.
‘hmm, you can see her whenever you
want to. She works in my office’ Tony
‘WHAT?!’ Maria literally screamed.
‘yes, and why did you scream like that?’
Tony asked.
Even Nneka herself was surprised. She
only raised a brow and the way this
thing was heading, she was sure that
her plans will work.
‘whats wrong with that?’ Nneka asked.
‘oh….nothing. I was just surprised.
Never expected her to be that close to
daddy’ Maria said.
‘but you’ve seen her before’ Tony said.
‘i have?’ Maria asked.
‘you dont remenber the lady i brought
home two months ago and said that
her son was missing and has to spend
the night here?’ Tony asked.
Maria closed her eyes.
‘she has a son’ echoed in her ears.
Gilbert had said that.
‘alright, i remember but i want to see
her again. Cant place the face’ Maria
‘oh yes! She will be following us to the
states for your shopping’ Tony said.
‘WHAT THE F–K!!!!’ Maria exclaimed.
‘whats wrong with you?!’ Nneka asked.
‘dad, are you two that close?’ Maria
‘okay, thats fine by me’ Maria replied.
‘excuse me’ she said and left for her
She picked her phone and dialled
Gilbert’s number and it rang. He picked.
‘hello uncle. She works in my dad’s
company and he plans on taking her
along with us to the states for
shopping. I have a deep feeling, she’s
going to come to the party’ Maria said.
‘thanks for the info’ Gilbert replied and
she hung up with a wicked smile…..
To be continued……

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