A second chance episode 68

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Nneka opened Maria’s door, she found
Maria sleeping comfortably on the bed.
Nneka smiled and tip toed towards
Maria. She brought out a small earthen
pot she hid under her garment and a
new and sharp razor.
She brought out a paper which she
used to wrap a powdery substance, she
blew it into the air and made some
incantations. The she danced around
the room, then took the razor blade and
moved towards Maria.
She brought down the blanket and used
the shrp razor to cut five lines on
Maria’s left shoulder and she poured the
blood into the pot then spat on it.
She smiled wickedly and spat on Maria.
‘foolish girl who thinks she is wise,
idiot!’ she said and left the room quietly.
She drew her normal circle and wore
her red garment. She invoked the spirit
of Queen Lateefa who came almost
immediately then she handed the items
over to her.
Queen Lateefa giggled in excitement
and drank the blood.
‘i need more, more blood’ Queen Lateefa
‘you will get more, i promise’ Nneka said
and she disappeared.
She smiled. Maria wont be up for a very
long time. She was lucky she hadnt
killed her. She just made her sleep.
She remembered how she killed Naomi.
She had visited her in the hospital after
she gave birth.
While Naomi was asleep, she did the
same thing she did, but the difference
was that she made three lines which
stood for DIE. But in Maria’s case, she
made six lines which stood for SLEEP.
She did same thing for Naomi’s baby
and thats how they died.
‘what are we doing here Tony?’ Alice
asked as Tony practically dragged her
into the grocery.
‘just be quiet!’ Tony said.
Alice sighed.
‘you are just so difficult Tony’
‘i have heard that before’ Tony said and
they laughed.
Then they saw Gilbert and Stella looking
intently at them.
Alice pinched Tony and Tony also saw
He was surprised to see Stella together
with that guy who Alice had been
complaining was pestering.
‘isnt that Gilbert?’ Tony whispered.
‘yes, and that is Stella, isnt it? What are
they doing together?’ Alice asked.
‘i dont know, maybe they are a couple
now’ Tony said and Alice let out a small
Stella was mad when she saw Alice
chuckle. She practically went crazy. She
matched towards Alice and…….JAAAAA.
She tore Alice’s clothes.

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