A second chance episode 7

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# A Second Chance_EPISODE7
‘hello grandma’
‘hello my dear, how are you?’
‘i’m fine grandma, how’s your health’
‘hmm, i dont know but i think i’m
getting better’
‘thats nice, i will tell dad to send you
more money’
‘no my dear no need. I just called to
inform you that i will be coming to the
city very soon’
Maria jumped for joy ‘oh really grandma,
that would be so nice, it is nice to hear
you would be coming soon, i’m so glad.
Dad would be pleased too’
‘alright take good care of yourself for
me okay?’
‘i will grandma, do come as promised
‘i will grandma, do come as promised
‘i will granddaughter, bye’
‘bye grandma, i love you’
‘i love you too my dear’
Maria hung up excitedly. Her father had
been working his butts out recently. She
had been lonely, very lonely. She couldnt
wait to tell her dad about grandma’s
How Tony found himself in a drinking
bar, he couldnt tell. He just knew that
instead of driving home, he drove to a
bar clopse to his company.
He ordered for a bottle of black label
and settled down to drink, to drink
away his sorrows. To forget a moment
about Naomi and take good care of his
daughter, Maria. He thought working
very hard was going to make him forget
about Naomi for awhile.
Oh Naomi! How could she leave him like
that. She was his world, his beloved. He
had loved her with all his heart and with
all his soul. They planned a very bright
future for their daughter Maria and for
their unborn child. They already thought
of names they would give the baby if it
turns out to be a boy or a girl. Naomi
had been so happy when she found out
she was going to be a mother again.
But what killed Naomi and the baby
According to the doctors, she and the
baby were in good health. It must have
been a spiritual issue. Someone who
didnt want him and his daughter to be
To be continued

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