A second chance episode 71

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‘what did you say?!’ Alice asked,
obviously in shock.
Tony looked at her without saying
Alice looked away nervous. She was
obviously shaking like she was just
caught red-handed doing something
Tony suddenly burst into an
uncontrollable laughter.
Alice was surprised, she looked at him
‘why are you laughing Tony?’ Alice
‘Alice, look at your face, you look like
poo’ Tony said and laughed more.
‘why do you have that serious look on
your face?’ Tony said holding his chin in
serious laughter.
‘i dont get you Tony’ Alice said, his
laughter was making her more
confused than ever.
Tony looked at her mockingly and
‘seriously Alice, cant you take a joke? I
was just kidding!’ Tony said.
‘wait a minute, you think that was true?
Come on Alice, how can i ever fall in love
with my best friend?’ Tony said.
‘i…..i…..i’ Alice opened her mouth to say
something but just couldnt find the
right word.
She looked at Tony and saw that he was
‘why would you joke about something
like that?’ she asked.
‘i just wanted to know the look on your
face. You know i saw this in a movie
yesterday and i decided to try it on you
to see your reaction and, it wasnt that
good’ Tony said and shook his head.
Alice smacked him on the shoulder ‘you
this guy, you’ve lost your manners
havent you?’ she asked with a smirk.
‘are you saying my manners are lost? Oh
my God! How pathetic of you!’ Tony said
returning the smack.
‘what?! You have become a woman
beater havent you, i will deal with you!’
Alice said and smacked him twice.
Soon they were returning smacks like
Then suddenly, Alice pulled him by the
shirt till their mouths were inches apart.
Then she kissed him.
They kissed for minutes until Alice broke
the kiss.
‘Tony, i want you…..’
To be continued

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