A second chance episode 75

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Tony entered the house tiredly. It was a
hectic day.
Immediately he entered the house, he
saw Maria in the sitting room looking
scared and worried. Immediately she
saw him, she sighed in relief and ran to
hug him. He was surprised but
nevertheless, he spread his arms
around her in a warm embrace. Then
she gently broke free from him.
‘dad, thank God you are back. So many
things has been happening here. I just
dont get it’ Maria said in a worried tone.
‘what has been happening?’ Tony said
anxiously as he led Maria to a seat.
‘i keep hearing mother’s voice telling me
to be careful that there is danger
lurking around this place. I dont
understand at all’ Maria said.
‘i was having siesta this afternoon then
i had a dream, in that dream, i was
injured with a razor blade, i had five
lines on my left arm, how it happened i
do not know but i saw mum. And she
dropped some of your clothes and my
clothes on my bed and warned me to be
careful, she also told me to warn you to
be careful too. She said i should pray
always. And since then, i’ve been
hearing voices telling me to be careful,
whether its mum’s voice or not, i really
dont know but i’ve been really scared. It
came to a point where my room
became very hot, to a point where i
couldnt breath, i ahd to rush to the
sitting room to sit and wait for you but
the wierd voices havent stop even now,
i’m still hearing them’ Maria explained
close to tears.
Tony looked at her. He didnt know what
to make out of the story. Whether it was
fictional or not, he didnt know.
‘what are they telling you?’ he asked.
‘they are telling me to be careful and
that a sacrifice is about to be done. We
should be very careful and prayerful’
Maria said.
‘hmmm…..’ Tony sighed obviously in
‘dad, you must believe what i’m saying.
There’s something going on here.
Something negative. I dont know why
but we need a pastor to do some
deliverance here’ Maria said.
‘Maria, i dont believe you. How am i sure
that you arent lying to me?’ Tony said.
‘dad, please believe me’
‘Maria, go to bed. You are just imagining
things, just your imagination’ he said
and stood up.
He left,
‘dad, you’ve got to believe me, i’m saying
the truth’ Maria cried out but it was too
late, he had already entered the house.
To be continued

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