A second chance episode 77

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‘dad, how is mum?’ Alice asked as she
immediately rushed to her mother’s
bedside. Fred was very shocked. What
would have happened if Alice had seen
him talking to nothing. Of course
nothing because Alice would not have
been able to see Queen Lateefa. And
also he was shocked because
assuming Queen Lateefa had not come
into the room at that time, then
probably he would have still been
holding the razor and what excuse
could he have said that he was holding
a razor close to his wife’s unconcious
body and crying profusely and he was
also surprised because he thought
Alice had gone home.
‘Alice, i thought you went home?’ Fred
asked surprised.
‘i did go home. But i had this feeling
that something was wrong
somewhere so i had to rush back. It
was like mum was about to die’ Alice
Fred took a deep breath.
‘your mother is going to be fine, i
promise’ Fred said.
‘i hope so because i love mum so much’
Alice said as a tear strolled majestically
down her cheeks.
Just then, Kofo coughed and both
father and daughter turned to her.
‘kofo! Kofo, you are awake!’ Fred said
in excitement.
‘oh, thank you Jesus. Mum, you are
awake’ Alice said.
‘hurry Alice, call the doctor’ Fred said
and Alice rushed out to meet those
aproko nurse on night duty still jisting
and laughing like there was no
‘nurse, my mum….she’s awake’ she said
panting heavily.
‘eh eh? So? Because sey she wake
make we die? Na today people dey
wake for hospital?’ the same nurse
that attended to her the first time said.
‘look, i dont have time for any of these,
my mother is awake and i expect you
to come and attend to her not sit here
yarning balls instead!’ Alice said
already boiling in anger.
All the nurses laughed.
‘see yawa oo. Na we you dey speak
english for, you go suffer today
because you go go call your ancestors
wey don dir tey tey make dem come
treat your mama’ another nurse said.
One pretty nurse who was just sitting
on her own in one corner watching the
other nurses misbehave without
laughing and talking stood up and
approached Alice, tapping her gently
on the shoulder.
‘i’m so sorry for their immaturity. Lets
go to your mother’s ward so i can
notify the doctor on duty to come check
on her’ the nurse said.
Alice calmed down because of the
nurse who acted maturedly.
‘na your mama na be immaturity, idiot!’
the other nurse fired at the nurse.
She ignored them and beckoned on
Alice to come with her as she
ascended the stairs.
Alice eyed them and followed her.
‘so ridiculous! Are those things on the
counter really qualified nurses or just
cleaners wearing nurses’ outfit?’ Alice
asked in disgust.
The nurse chuckled.
‘pay less attention to them and always
ignore them whenever they talk like
that because one thing may lead to
another and there may be a serious
outburst here in the hospital and its
not too good’ the nurse said.
‘more reason why those animals
should be sacked because no one
would want to come to this hospital
again after having an encounter with
them just like i have decided that
nothing will ever bring me here again,
never!’ Alice said.
The nurse smiled.
‘i’m nurse Anabel by the way and you
are?’ the nurse asked stretching her
hands forward to Alice.
‘i’m Alice by name’ Alice asked taking
the handshake then they both pushed
the door open.
To be cont

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